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haruiz/Robot.js Secret

Last active March 27, 2017 08:05
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const tts = require("./tts");//Text to Speech
const stt = require("./stt");//Speech to Text
class Robot{
constructor(name, config){ = name;
this.config = config;
//just the phrase that you want the robot repeat for you
textToSpeech(phrase){"Hi all from raspberry pi");
//.wav file as binary, it comming from web interface
//we could be more strict and put all the code inside a try/ catch block, we are just
//assuming that everything'll be perfect :), is just a robot
async speechToText(audioAsBinary){
var response = await stt(this.config.BING_SPEECH_API_KEY, audioAsBinary); return;
module.exports = Robot; //we are exporting the class Robot, to be used at the index file
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