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Last active Aug 14, 2019
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#pragma once
#define IMAGE_GUARD_CF_INSTRUMENTED 0x00000100 // Module performs control flow integrity checks using system-supplied support
#define IMAGE_GUARD_CFW_INSTRUMENTED 0x00000200 // Module performs control flow and write integrity checks
#define IMAGE_GUARD_CF_FUNCTION_TABLE_PRESENT 0x00000400 // Module contains valid control flow target metadata
#define IMAGE_GUARD_SECURITY_COOKIE_UNUSED 0x00000800 // Module does not make use of the /GS security cookie
#define IMAGE_GUARD_PROTECT_DELAYLOAD_IAT 0x00001000 // Module supports read only delay load IAT
#define IMAGE_GUARD_DELAYLOAD_IAT_IN_ITS_OWN_SECTION 0x00002000 // Delayload import table in its own .didat section (with nothing else in it) that can be freely reprotected
#define IMAGE_GUARD_CF_EXPORT_SUPPRESSION_INFO_PRESENT 0x00004000 // Module contains suppressed export information. This also infers that the address taken
// taken IAT table is also present in the load config.
#define IMAGE_GUARD_CF_ENABLE_EXPORT_SUPPRESSION 0x00008000 // Module enables suppression of exports
#define IMAGE_GUARD_CF_LONGJUMP_TABLE_PRESENT 0x00010000 // Module contains longjmp target information
#define IMAGE_GUARD_RF_INSTRUMENTED 0x00020000 // Module contains return flow instrumentation and metadata
#define IMAGE_GUARD_RF_ENABLE 0x00040000 // Module requests that the OS enable return flow protection
#define IMAGE_GUARD_RF_STRICT 0x00080000 // Module requests that the OS enable return flow protection in strict mode
#define IMAGE_GUARD_RETPOLINE_PRESENT 0x00100000 // Module was built with retpoline support
#define IMAGE_GUARD_CF_FUNCTION_TABLE_SIZE_MASK 0xF0000000 // Stride of Guard CF function table encoded in these bits (additional count of bytes per element)
#define IMAGE_GUARD_CF_FUNCTION_TABLE_SIZE_SHIFT 28 // Shift to right-justify Guard CF function table stride
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