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@hauleth hauleth/
Created Apr 17, 2018

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Script to generate DOT graph of dependencies between tables in PostgreSQL
psql -qX "$@" <<EOF
\t on
\timing off
\echo 'Digraph F{'
\echo 'ranksep=1.0; size="18.5, 15.5"; rankdir=LR;'
'"' || tc.table_name || '"->"' || ccu.table_name || '" [label="' || tc.constraint_name || '"];'
information_schema.table_constraints AS tc
JOIN information_schema.key_column_usage AS kcu ON
tc.constraint_name = kcu.constraint_name
JOIN information_schema.constraint_column_usage AS ccu ON
ccu.constraint_name = tc.constraint_name
WHERE constraint_type = 'FOREIGN KEY';
\echo '}'

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commented Apr 18, 2018

usage example pg_graph db_name | dot -Tsvg > out.svg


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commented Mar 27, 2019


Would there be any point to adding functions, procedures, and views?

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