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@hax hax/safe_json_encode.php
Last active Sep 4, 2018

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PHP safe json encode
function safe_json_encode($data) {
// We might have been tolerant to some common cases such as convert
// INF/NAN as 0 by using JSON_PARTIAL_OUTPUT_ON_ERROR option, but
// sadly `json_last_error()` only get the last error means it may
// override worse errors such as malfored utf-8 which we can't ignore!
// Poor H P !!
$err = json_last_error();
// strictly no error
if ($err === JSON_ERROR_NONE && $result) {
// Escape </script> to prevent XSS
// Note: Commonly `str_replace()` is not safe for corrupted string
// But in our case, `json_encode()` already ensure `$result` as a
// valid utf-8 string.
return str_replace('</script>', '<\/script>', $result);
'json encode error: ' . json_last_error_msg() .
', trace: ' . print_r(debug_backtrace(), true)
// When error, PHP 5.5 may return `false`, which output nothing.
// PHP 5.4 (or PHP 5.5 with JSON_PARTIAL_OUTPUT_ON_ERROR option on)
// may return "{null: ...}" if the key is a malfored utf-8 string,
// which is not valid JSON string.
// Instead of such meaningless and harmful result which may cause
// JavaScript error or potential XSS, we return 'null' to denote the
// failure.
return 'null';

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hitswa commented Sep 4, 2018

what is this method doing as a final result? its returning null in the end.

is it testing that $data is valid to convert in json or not

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