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Plugin Name: Divi Theme Config for Pantheon
Description: READ THIS BEFORE UTILIZING - This plugin is still in the testing phase, and contains rules for turning
off Divi Theme Features by default known to cause issues within the Pantheon environment. Cyrus has created a
separate mu plugin for the Divi Page Builder that can be found here.
Both Divi theme and Divi page builder plugin attempt to purge et_cache of static resources before any
changes are implemented, exacerbating the very problem trying to be addressed. By installing this as an mu-plugin,
the settings are implemented and enforced early enough in the bootstrap process, but a manual
purge of et_cache will still be required. Future modifications may be done by Pantheon.
Version: 0.6
Author: Steve Ryan
Author URI:
# Ensuring that this is operating within Pantheon.
if ( isset( $_ENV['PANTHEON_ENVIRONMENT'] ) ) :
# ---------------
# Common variables
# ---------------
$theme = wp_get_theme(); // gets the current theme.
$siteurl = get_site_url(); // returns the current URL for the site.
# ---------------
# Plugin and theme options specifically for ASU Divi Theme.
# ---------------
// Checks for the existence for ASU Divi. Also checks for Divi as either the active or parent theme.
if ( 'Divi-child' == $theme->name || 'Divi' == $theme->name || 'Divi' == $theme->parent_theme ) {
// Options for Classic Editor can be edited by a user, and are OK with the out-of-the-box defaults.
// add any divi plugin dependencies here and uncomment. Below is an example...
/* if ( is_plugin_inactive( 'accessible-divi/divi-accessibility.php' ) ) {
activate_plugin( 'accessible-divi/divi-accessibility.php' );
} */
// Strict disablement of Divi option that, when activated, attempts to write a static CSS file in an unwritable place in the Pantheon filesystem.
$etdivi = get_option( 'et_divi' );
$etdivi['et_pb_static_css_file'] = 'off';
$etdivi['et_pb_css_in_footer'] = 'off';
// Divi v4.10+ introduced new theme options which cache various parts of the builder to the filesystem to reduce load times.
// Within Pantheon, those cached files are never deleted, which eventually causes the builder to timeout while loading admin pages.
// Disabling these options prevents these errors.
$etdivi['divi_dynamic_module_framework'] = 'false';
$etdivi['divi_dynamic_css'] = 'false';
$etdivi['divi_critical_css'] = 'false';
$etdivi['divi_dynamic_js_libraries'] = 'false';
$etdivi['divi_enable_jquery_body'] = 'false';
$etdivi['divi_google_fonts_inline'] = 'false';
update_option( 'et_divi', $etdivi );
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