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Laravel Blade Template Cheatsheet
{{ $var }} - Echo content
{{ $var or 'default' }} - Echo content with a default value
{{{ $var }}} - Echo escaped content
{{-- Comment --}} - A Blade comment
@extends('layout') - Extends a template with a layout
@if(condition) - Starts an if block
@else - Starts an else block
@elseif(condition) - Start a elseif block
@endif - Ends a if block
@foreach($list as $key => $val) - Starts a foreach block
@endforeach - Ends a foreach block
@for($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++) - Starts a for block
@endfor - Ends a for block
@while(condition) - Starts a while block
@endwhile - Ends a while block
@unless(condition) - Starts an unless block
@endunless - Ends an unless block
@include(file) - Includes another template
@include(file, ['var' => $val,...]) - Includes a template, passing new variables.
@each('file',$list,'item') - Renders a template on a collection
@each('file',$list,'item','empty') - Renders a template on a collection or a different template if collection is empty.
@yield('section') - Yields content of a section.
@show - Ends section and yields its content
@lang('message') - Outputs message from translation table
@choice('message', $count) - Outputs message with language pluralization
@section('name') - Starts a section
@stop - Ends section
@endsection - Ends section
@append - Ends section and appends it to existing of section of same name
@overwrite - Ends section, overwriting previous section of same name
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