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digraph of swift package manager
digraph {
POSIX -> libc
Basic -> {libc POSIX}
Utility -> {POSIX Basic}
SourceControl -> {Basic Utility}
PackageModel -> {Basic PackageDescription PackageDescription4 Utility}
PackageLoading -> {Basic PackageDescription PackageDescription4 Utility PackageModel}
PackageGraph -> {Basic PackageLoading PackageModel SourceControl Utility}
Build -> {Basic PackageGraph}
Xcodeproj -> {Basic PackageGraph}
Workspace -> {Basic Build PackageGraph PackageModel SourceControl Xcodeproj}
Commands -> {Basic Build PackageGraph SourceControl Xcodeproj Workspace}
"swift-package" -> Commands
"swift-build" -> Commands
"swift-test" -> Commands
TestSupport -> {Basic POSIX PackageGraph PackageLoading SourceControl Utility Commands}
TestSupportExecutable -> {Basic POSIX Utility}
BasicTests -> {TestSupport TestSupportExecutable}
BasicPerformanceTests -> {Basic TestSupport}
BuildTests -> {Build TestSupport}
CommandTests -> {"swift-build" "swift-package" "swift-test" Commands Workspace TestSupport}
WorkspaceTests -> {Workspace TestSupport}
FunctionalTests -> {"swift-build" "swift-package" "swift-test" Basic Utility PackageModel TestSupport}
FunctionalPerformanceTests -> {"swift-build" "swift-package" "swift-test" TestSupport}
PackageLoadingTests -> {PackageLoading TestSupport}
PackageLoadingPerformanceTests -> {PackageLoading TestSupport}
PackageGraphTests -> {PackageGraph TestSupport}
PackageGraphPerformanceTests -> {PackageGraph TestSupport}
POSIXTests -> {POSIX TestSupport}
SourceControlTests -> {SourceControl TestSupport}
UtilityTests -> {Utility TestSupport}
XcodeprojTests -> {Xcodeproj TestSupport}
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