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Change `>>` to `...` after "Continue reading" in the Beans framework
* This line of code removes the >> HTML markup, meaning this HTML will not be sent out to the browser:
* <i class="uk-icon-angle-double-right uk-margin-small-left" data-markup-id="beans_next_icon[_more_link]"></i>
* Next, we register our callback to the "beans_post_more_link_text_output" filter. This gives us a
* "hook" to change the text. We can then append our "..." after the "Continue reading" text.
beans_add_filter('beans_post_more_link_text_output', 'add_dots_after_continue_reading' );
* Add ... after the "Continue reading" text.
* @since 1.0.0
* @param string $continue_reading_text "Continue reading" textual string.
* @return string
function add_dots_after_continue_reading($continue_reading_text) {
return $continue_reading_text . '...';

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@hellofromtonya hellofromtonya commented Dec 8, 2017

As a note, you can also use add_filter instead of beans_add_filter.

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