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Brick Firmware

veröffentlicht am 25. August 2014 um 12:18

Kurzbeschreibung der Idee

Bislang musste die Zielgruppe teure original Tinkerforge Mikrocontroller-Module und Zubehör kaufen. Nun können viele andere, preiswertere oder bei der Zielgruppe schon vorhandene Mikrocontroller-Module mit meiner OpenSource-Software verwendet werden

Beschreibung der Idee

View cleanproject.bat
rem Batch file "cleanproject.bat" to clean a PIC project,
rem created with the PIC Mikroelektronika IDE
rem Be shure that there is a final last <carriage return> at the end of file,
rem so that the file ends with an empty line
rem Filetypes which are created just by calling an IDE
del *.bmk
del *.brk

01 Todo-List for the "Brick Firmware" project

Brick Firmware

  • Development Setup
    • Just for Windows: Open a Windows Explorer windows, select "Tools -View" and set the options
      • "(x) Show Hidden files and Folders"
      • "[_] Hide file extensions for known file types"
      • "[_] Hide protected operating system files"
  • Firmware Development