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Created May 23, 2018
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An evolving set of pandas snippets I find useful
# Unique values in a dataframe column
# Grab dataframe rows where column = value
df = df.loc[df.column == 'some_value']
# Grab dataframe rows where column value is present in a list
value_list = ['value1', 'value2', 'value3']
df = df.loc[:,df.columns.isin(valuelist)]
# or grab rows where a value is not present in a list
df = df.loc[:,~df.columns.isin(valuelist)]
# Delete column from dataframe
del df['column_name']
# Lower-case all dataframe column names
df.columns = map(str.lower, df.columns)
# Lower-case everything in a dataframe column
df.column_name = df.column_name.str.lower()
# Get the length of data in a dataframe column
# Get a quick count of rows in the dataframe
# Concatenate two dataframe columns into a new column
df['new_column'] = df['column1'].astype(str) + df['column2'].astype(str)
# Create a dataframe from a Python dictionary
df = pd.DataFrame(list(a_dictionary.items()), columsn = ['column1', 'column2']
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