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Last active Oct 2, 2021
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Install Elixir on macOs


brew update
brew install asdf openssl@1.1
EDITOR=nano brew edit wxmac # Edit the file according to wxmac.patch
brew install wxmac --build-from-source

asdf plugin add erlang
asdf plugin add elixir

export KERL_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS="--without-javac --with-ssl=$(brew --prefix openssl@1.1)"
rm -rf ~/.asdf/plugins/erlang/kerl-home/builds/*
asdf list-all erlang
asdf install erlang
asdf global erlang

asdf list-all elixir
asdf install elixir 1.12.2-otp-22
asdf global elixir 1.12.2-otp-22
--- a/Formula/wxmac.rb
+++ b/Formula/wxmac.rb
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ class Wxmac < Formula
def install
args = [
+ "--enable-compat28",
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