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Indexed functor and monad classes for common monad transformers
{-# LANGUAGE Rank2Types #-}
import Control.Applicative
import Control.Arrow
import Control.Monad
import Control.Monad.Trans.Maybe
import Control.Monad.Trans.Reader
import Control.Monad.Trans.State
import Control.Monad.Trans.Writer
import Data.Monoid
class IFunctor h where
fmapI :: (forall a. f a -> g a) -> h f a -> h g a
instance IFunctor (ReaderT r) where
fmapI f (ReaderT r) = ReaderT (f . r)
instance IFunctor (StateT s) where
fmapI f (StateT s) = StateT (f . s)
instance IFunctor (WriterT w) where
fmapI f (WriterT w) = WriterT (f w)
instance IFunctor MaybeT where
fmapI f (MaybeT m) = MaybeT (f m)
class IFunctor h => IMonad h where
bindI :: Functor g => (forall a. f a -> h g a) -> h f a -> h g a
joinI :: Functor f => h (h f) a -> h f a
instance IMonad (ReaderT r) where
bindI f (ReaderT r) = ReaderT (\x -> runReaderT (f (r x)) x)
joinI (ReaderT r) = ReaderT (\x -> runReaderT (r x) x)
instance IMonad (StateT s) where
-- Not sure about this one, the 'fst' throws away the inner state.
bindI f (StateT s) = StateT (\x -> fst <$> runStateT (f (s x)) x)
joinI (StateT s) = StateT (\x -> fst <$> runStateT (s x) x)
instance Monoid w => IMonad (WriterT w) where
bindI f (WriterT w) = WriterT ((\((b, w'), w) -> (b, w' `mappend` w)) <$> runWriterT (f w))
joinI = undefined
instance IMonad MaybeT where
bindI f (MaybeT m) = mergeMaybeT (f m)
mergeMaybeT :: Functor m => MaybeT m (Maybe a) -> MaybeT m a
mergeMaybeT (MaybeT m) = MaybeT (join <$> m)
joinI = undefined
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