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hetima / 01_setMenuProxy.m
Created Jul 27, 2011
WebKit2 context menu hack
View 01_setMenuProxy.m
// based on
IMP orig_setMenuProxy;
// オリジナルの setMenuProxy: と差し替えるメソッド
void ST_setMenuProxy(id self, SEL _cmd, void *menuProxy)
// オリジナルのメソッドを呼んでやる
orig_setMenuProxy(self, _cmd, menuProxy);
// menuProxy は WebContextMenuProxyMac クラスのポインタ
hetima / safari_cmenu_item_tags.txt
Created Jul 31, 2011
Safari 5.1 context menu item tags
View safari_cmenu_item_tags.txt
戻る, 9
進む, 10
ページを再読み込み, 10018
Dashboard で開く..., 10031
ソースを表示, 10019
ページを別名で保存..., 10021
ページをプリント..., 10025
要素の詳細を表示, 2024
hetima / BrowserWindowControllerMac.diff.h.m
Created Aug 1, 2011
difference between Safari5.1 Snow Leopard and Lion
View BrowserWindowControllerMac.diff.h.m
//Lion にあって Snow Leopard にないメソッドや変数
@interface BrowserWindowControllerMac : WindowController{
BOOL _isObservingFrameChangeNotifications;
int _fullScreenState;
struct CGRect _windowFrameBeforeFullScreen;
struct CGPoint _browserViewScreenOriginBeforeFullScreen;
NSMutableSet *_fullScreenAutoShowingBars;
NSMutableSet *_fullScreenAlwaysVisibleBars;
double _fullScreenAuxiliaryViewMinHeight;
hetima / setFileTypeAndCreator.m
Created Aug 3, 2011
set FileType And Creator on i386 x86_64
View setFileTypeAndCreator.m
//i386 x86_64用
//needs CoreServices.framework
BOOL setFileTypeAndCreator(NSString* asFilePath, const char* typeStr, const char* creatorStr);
UInt32 OSTypeFromString(const char* inStr);
UInt32 OSTypeFromString(const char* inStr)
UInt32 outType;
char *buff;
hetima / (1)STWKClientHook.m
Created Aug 14, 2011
WebKit2 WKView client hook for Safari 5.1
View (1)STWKClientHook.m
// STWKClientHook.m
#import "STWKClientHook.h"
#import <objc/message.h>
struct STWKOrderedClientCluster{
struct WKPageLoaderClient loader;
struct WKPagePolicyClient policy;
struct WKPageFormClient form;
hetima / make new Finder window with ScriptingBridge.m
Last active Dec 12, 2015
ScriptingBridge で make new Finder window する方法
View make new Finder window with ScriptingBridge.m
//ScriptingBridge で make new Finder window
FinderApplication* app = [SBApplication applicationWithBundleIdentifier:@""];
FinderFinderWindow* w = [app sendEvent:'core' id:'crel' parameters:'kocl', @"brow", 0];
FinderFinderWindow* w = [app sendEvent:'core' id:'crel' parameters:'kocl', @"brow",
'to ', @"Path:to:folder",
hetima / gist:4745314
Created Feb 9, 2013
ScriptingBridge で as 〜 表現
View gist:4745314
//Same as "target of window as Unicode text"
FinderFinderWindow* window;
NSString* str = [folder sendEvent:'core' id:'getd' parameters:'rtyp', @"utxt", 0];
hetima / gist:4967007
Created Feb 16, 2013
runAnimationGroup and dispatch_after
View gist:4967007
+ (void)showNotificationString:(NSString*)label inView:(NSView*)parentView
NSRect frame=parentView.frame;
DTNotificationView* noteView=[[DTNotificationView alloc]initWithFrame:frame];
[parentView addSubview:noteView];
hetima / gist:5107613
Created Mar 7, 2013
Sequel Pro のプラグイン(bundles)サンプル(php)
View gist:5107613
Sequel Pro のプラグイン(bundles)サンプル
needs PHP 5.3 or later because of str_getcsv()
copy field names to clipboard
$table = $_ENV['SP_SELECTED_TABLE'];
hetima / gist:5142318
Created Mar 12, 2013
NSScrollView のスクロール位置を同期する
View gist:5142318
@interface SSRefrectingScrollView : NSScrollView
@property BOOL inRefrecting;
@property (assign)IBOutlet SSRefrectingScrollView* counterPartView;
@implementation SSRefrectingScrollView
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