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Google Summer of Code 2017 - Varun Kumar, FOSSASIA

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The Open Event Project offers event managers a platform to organise all kinds of events including concerts, conferences, summits and regular meetups. The components support organisers in all stages from event planning to publish, marketing and ticket sales. Automated web and mobile apps help attendees to get information easily. My project is to add Open Event format support in other Open Source Event Apps.

Event Apps


  • Giggity is an Android app that loads xCal, pentabarf, frab, wafer and iCal files (that contain schedules of conferences, festivals and other events) and lets you browse them in various convenient formats. It is a generic app that can be used for any event that publishes their schedule in an open format.
  • Test the app by pasting this link for Google I/O 2017 event. Click the '+' button on the toolbar to use this option, otherwise, some events are shown by default from the file fetched online.
  • Commits made in Giggity to enable the support Open Event format along with other formats already present.


  • Giraffe allows you to import the schedule into a separate list giving you a simple overview on what happens on the conference. Besides the session title, date and time, it also lists the speaker, location and description if available in the iCal URL.
  • Test the app by pasting this link for Google I/O 2017 event. Click the logo button in the toolbar to use this option. When you use the app for the first time it appears automatically.
  • Commits made in Giraffe enable the support Open Event format along with iCal format already present.


  • Connfa is a Drupal based app that shows event schedule, information about speakers and location. It is created to be simple to use and work in offline mode. On the other hand, Connfa application lets developers easily adapt UI to fall in with event official branding and supports all basic conference terms to be applied to the majority of cases.
  • Support for most of the parts of Open Event format is added. Many other conferences used Connfa as skeleton app but with Drupal SDK. The current modified version shows the FOSSASIA 2016 conference using Open Event format.
  • Commits made in Connfa to enable the support Open Event format replacing Drupal SDK. It will be removed after addition of complete support. Currently, sessions and sponsors data remains to processed in the app.

I also worked on Open Event Android app, in the beginning, to understand the Open Event Ecosystem better. Find the bugs fixed and features added here.


I wrote these blogs describing the functioning of the app I added support to, bugs I faced during the process and how to test the apps. You can find them here.


  • Find daily scrum here describing my daily progress and work to be done next day.
  • Video demonstrating the working of Giggity app here.
  • I did an online question and answer session to get developers on board and started with Google Summer of Code. Find the video here.
  • Find shared blog posts and events on Facebook
  • Find tweets about blog posts and events on Twitter.

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