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/* topdoc
name: Padded container
family: cfgov-misc
- ".padded-container is meant to contain anything you want with consistent
padding. It uses a margin collapsing trick in CSS to achieve this
consistency which this is why .line-container_body is needed. The only
caveat to this consistency is if you place something inside of it that has
a bottom-margin that is larger than the .padded-container padding."
- name: Basic padded container
markup: |
<div class="padded-container">
<div class="padded-container_body">
There is padding all around me!
- |
Structural cheat sheet:
- cfgov-misc
.padded-container {
margin-bottom: unit(30px / @base-font-size-px, em);
// Use pixels here, Opera doesn't like 1px represented as an em.
// Maybe it rounds down or something?
padding: 1px;
background: @gray-10;
&_body {
// 23px is eyeballed to 30px when considering line heights of potential
// children. One pixel has been taken off of each value to account for
// the 1px padding on the parent. This padding stops margin collapsing
// from extending outside of the padded box.
margin: unit(23px / @base-font-size-px, em)
unit(29px / @base-font-size-px, em)
unit(23px / @base-font-size-px, em);
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