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Mike Morici himedlooff

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View cf-buttons-default.html
<a href="#" class="btn">Anchor Tag</a>
<button class="btn">Button Tag</button>
<input type="submit" value="Input Tag" class="btn" />
View diff-review.js
var $dif = $('.js-details-container');
$thisDif = $(this);
$buttons = $thisDif.find('.meta .actions .button-group');
$review = $('<a href="#" class="button minibutton diff-review">Mark as reviewed<code></code></a>');
$collapse = $('<a href="#" class="button minibutton diff-collapse">Collapse<code></code></a>');
himedlooff / gfm.css
Created Mar 28, 2014
Styling used on to render markdown file previews.
View gfm.css
.markdown-body {
font-size: 15px;
line-height: 1.7;
overflow: hidden;
word-wrap: break-word;
.markdown-body>*:first-child {
margin-top: 0 !important;
View .bash_ps1
# Fill with minuses
# (this is recalculated every time the prompt is shown in function prompt_command):
fill="—- "
status_style=$reset_style'\[\033[0;90m\]' # gray color; use 0;37m for lighter color
command_style=$reset_style'\[\033[1;29m\]' # bold black
# Prompt variable:
himedlooff / string-replace.js
Created Apr 29, 2014
A Grunt string-replace task option for replacing CSS url() paths.
View string-replace.js
pattern: /url\((.*?)\)/ig,
replacement: function (match, p1, offset, string) {
var path, pathParts, pathLength, filename, newPath;
path = p1.replace(/["']/g,''); // Removes quotation marks if there are any
pathParts = path.split('/'); // Splits the path so we can find the filename
pathLength = pathParts.length;
filename = pathParts[pathLength-1]; // The filename is the last item in pathParts
// Rewrite the path based on the file type
View reveal-on-focus.js
(function( $ ) {
$.fn.revealOnFocus = function( userSettings ) {
return $( this ).each(function() {
var $this = $( this ),
$target = $this.find('.reveal-on-focus_target'),
$content = $this.find('.reveal-on-focus_content');
himedlooff / css-comments-regex.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
JS Regex to find CSS comments
View css-comments-regex.js
var cssComments = \(\/\*.(?:|\s*|\S*|\n*)*\*\/)\;
himedlooff / example.less
Last active Aug 29, 2015
An example of inline print styles.
View example.less
.respond-to-print(@rules) {
@media print {
.filtered-by {
margin: 0;
&_filter {
himedlooff /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
game company ideas
  • working for the weekend
  • make em fast games
  • ship it games
  • build, break, repeat
  • rapido
  • Ándale!
  • week-end developers (a nod to front-end?)
  • weakened we can do it dev
  • weak-end dev (mashup of weakened and the -end in front-end)
  • 48 hour games
View padded-container.less
/* topdoc
name: Padded container
family: cfgov-misc
- ".padded-container is meant to contain anything you want with consistent
padding. It uses a margin collapsing trick in CSS to achieve this
consistency which this is why .line-container_body is needed. The only
caveat to this consistency is if you place something inside of it that has
a bottom-margin that is larger than the .padded-container padding."
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