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Created Mar 13, 2019
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eMMC read/write speed comparion


dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1G count=1 oflag=direct 
dd if=/dev/mmcblk1 of=/dev/null bs=1G count=1
brand read write
8G Sandisk 270MB/s 39.4MB/s
16G Sandisk 230MB/s 79.6MB/s
16G Kingston 160MB/s 50.1MB/s
16G Foresee 189MB/s 74.4MB/s
16G Foresee 241MB/s 79.5MB/s
32G Sandisk 263MB/s 139MB/s
32G Samsung 263MB/s 78.3MB/s
32G Kingston 152MB/s 87.2MB/s
64G Sandisk 207MB/s 100MB/s
64G Foresee 215MB/s 148MB/s
64G Foresee 194MB/s 148MB/s
128G Toshiba 217MB/s 143MB/s


1M Block

fio --name=write --ioengine=libaio --iodepth=4 --rw=write --bs=1M --direct=1 --size=2G --numjobs=30 --runtime=60 --group_reporting --filename=/dev/mmcblk1

fio --name=read --ioengine=libaio --iodepth=4 --rw=read --bs=1M --direct=1 --size=2G --numjobs=30 --runtime=60 --group_reporting --filename=/dev/mmcblk1

4K block

fio --name=randwrite --ioengine=libaio --iodepth=4 --rw=randwrite --bs=4K --direct=1 --size=2G --numjobs=30 --runtime=60 --group_reporting --filename=/dev/mmcblk1

fio --name=randread --ioengine=libaio --iodepth=4 --rw=randread --bs=4K --direct=1 --size=2G --numjobs=30 --runtime=60 --group_reporting --filename=/dev/mmcblk1
brand 1M read 1M write 4K random read 4K random write hs date
16G Sandisk READ: io=656568KB, aggrb=10,928KB/s, minb=10928KB/s, maxb=10928KB/s, mint=60076msec, maxt=600c WRITE: io=1536.3MB, aggrb=26,196KB/s, minb=26196KB/s, maxb=26196KB/s, mint=60049msec, maxt=600c hs400 2018.7.16
16G Samsung READ: io=1458.8MB, aggrb=24881KB/s, minb=24881KB/s, maxb=24881KB/s, mint=60033msec, maxt=60033msec WRITE: io=774984KB, aggrb=12902KB/s, minb=12902KB/s, maxb=12902KB/s, mint=60064msec, maxt=60064msec hs400 2018.7.28
16G Samsung READ: io=1077.7MB, aggrb=18367KB/s, minb=18367KB/s, maxb=18367KB/s, mint=60079msec, WRITE: io=661308KB, aggrb=11008KB/s, minb=11008KB/s, maxb=11008KB/s, mint=60073msec, maxt=60073msec hs200 2018.7.30
16G Foresee READ: io=14502MB, aggrb=246061KB/s, minb=246061KB/s, maxb=246061KB/s, mint=60351msec, maxt=60351msec WRITE: io=4388.0MB, aggrb=73445KB/s, minb=73445KB/s, maxb=73445KB/s, mint=61179msec, maxt=61179msec READ: io=1092.1MB, aggrb=18635KB/s, minb=18635KB/s, maxb=18635KB/s, mint=60054msec, maxt=60054msec WRITE: io=538504KB, aggrb=8965KB/s, minb=8965KB/s, maxb=8965KB/s, mint=60066msec, maxt=60066msec 2018.10.20
16G Foresee READ: io=18183MB, aggrb=308820KB/s, minb=308820KB/s, maxb=308820KB/s, mint=60292msec, maxt=60292msec WRITE: io=3843.0MB, aggrb=63700KB/s, minb=63700KB/s, maxb=63700KB/s, mint=61777msec, maxt=61777msec READ: io=857356KB, aggrb=14270KB/s, minb=14270KB/s, maxb=14270KB/s, mint=60078msec, maxt=60078msec WRITE: io=780336KB, aggrb=12991KB/s, minb=12991KB/s, maxb=12991KB/s, mint=60064msec, maxt=60064msec 2018.10.20
64G Foresee READ: io=15661MB, aggrb=265669KB/s, minb=265669KB/s, maxb=265669KB/s, mint=60364msec, maxt=60364msec WRITE: io=8783.0MB, aggrb=148417KB/s, minb=148417KB/s, maxb=148417KB/s, mint=60598msec, maxt=60598msec READ: io=1189.3MB, aggrb=20279KB/s, minb=20279KB/s, maxb=20279KB/s, mint=60051msec, maxt=60051msec WRITE: io=670124KB, aggrb=11160KB/s, minb=11160KB/s, maxb=11160KB/s, mint=60042msec, maxt=60042msec 2018.10.20
64G Foresee READ: io=15404MB, aggrb=261365KB/s, minb=261365KB/s, maxb=261365KB/s, mint=60351msec, maxt=60351msec WRITE: io=8709.0MB, aggrb=146997KB/s, minb=146997KB/s, maxb=146997KB/s, mint=60668msec, maxt=60668msec READ: io=1087.8MB, aggrb=18545KB/s, minb=18545KB/s, maxb=18545KB/s, mint=60058msec, maxt=60058msec WRITE: io=605768KB, aggrb=10087KB/s, minb=10087KB/s, maxb=10087KB/s, mint=60054msec, maxt=60054msec 2018.10.20
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