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(ns socialmetrics.servlet
(:gen-class :extends javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet)
(:use compojure.html compojure.http)
(:import (java.util Properties Date)
( File FileInputStream OutputStreamWriter
BufferedReader InputStreamReader)
( URL)
(java.text SimpleDateFormat ParsePosition FieldPosition)
(org.apache.commons.codec.digest DigestUtils)))
(defmacro load-properties
"macroexpand/compile time loading of a properties file into a clojure map"
(let [p (Properties.)
is (-> filename File. FileInputStream.)]
(.load p is)
(into {} p)))
(def facebook (load-properties ""))
(defn call-id
"many facebook api calls require a call-id and call-ids must be in ascending
order per session"
(.getTime (Date.)))
(def now (Date.))
(defn name|str
"name on Named things and .toString otherwise"
(if (instance? clojure.lang.Named x)
(name x)
(.toString x)))
(defn post
"post stuff to url, clojure.xml/parse output"
[url stuff]
(let [con (doto (.openConnection (URL. url))
(.setDoInput true)
(.setDoOutput true))]
(with-open [wrt (-> con .getOutputStream OutputStreamWriter.)]
(.write wrt stuff))
(with-open [a (-> con .getInputStream)]
(clojure.xml/parse a))))
(defn md5 [string]
(DigestUtils/md5Hex string))
(defn sig
"facebook api calls require a signature (md5 hash) of the call the api secret"
(reduce #(format "%s%s=%s" %1 (name|str (first %2)) (second %2))
(sort-by key params))
(facebook "api.secret"))))
(defn call
"takes a map representing a facebook api call and makes the call"
(post ""
(format "%s&sig=%s"
#(format "%s%s=%s&" %1 (name|str (first %2)) (second %2))
(sig bag))))
(defn string->date
(.parse (SimpleDateFormat. "MM/dd/yyyy")
(ParsePosition. 0)))
(defn date->age [date]
(let [cy (.getYear now)
oy (.getYear date)]
(- cy oy)))
(defn select-birthday_date [foo]
(-> foo :content
((partial filter #(= :birthday_date (:tag %))))
((fn [x]
(when x (when-let [t (string->date x)] (date->age t)))))))
(defn chart [map-]
(format ""
"Your friends' ages:"
(reduce #(format "%s,%s" %1 %2) (vals map-))
(reduce #(format "%s|%s" (or %1 "unknown") (or %2 "unknown")) (keys map-))))
(defn main [request]
(let [session (-> request :params :fb_sig_session_key) ;facebook passes me a session key
friends (-> request :params :fb_sig_friends) ; and a list of friends
foo (call {:api_key (facebook "api.key") ;get the birthday_date profile field from all the friends
:method "Users.getInfo"
:call_id (call-id)
:v "1.0"
:uids friends
:fields "birthday_date"
:session_key session})
foo (-> foo :content
((partial map select-birthday_date))
((partial map #(array-map %1 1)))
((partial apply (partial merge-with +)))
((partial into (sorted-map)))
<img style=\"width:750px;\" src=\"%s\" />
<fb:redirect url=\"\"/></fb:else>
(facebook "api.key")
(defroutes socialmetrics
(ANY "/" main))
(defservice socialmetrics)
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