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Created Apr 14, 2017
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get kraken ticker
from __future__ import absolute_import
import httplib
import urllib2, urllib
import urllib2, urllib, urlparse
import urllib2, urllib
import json
def main(params):
kr = kraken()
tk = kr.query_public(u"Ticker",btc_list)
print u"this is ticker"
print tk
return {u"ticker":tk}
class kraken(object):
def __init__(self, conn=None):
self.uri = u''
self.apiversion = u'0'
self.conn = conn
def _query(self, urlpath, req = {}, conn = None, headers = {}):
url = self.uri + urlpath
if conn is None:
if self.conn is None:
conn = Connection()
conn = self.conn
ret = conn._request(url, req, headers)
# print(ret) # for polo test
return json.loads(ret)
def query_public(self, method, req = {}, conn = None):
urlpath = u'/' + self.apiversion + u'/public/' + method
return self._query(urlpath, req, conn)
class Connection(object):
u""" connection handler.
def __init__(self, uri = u'', timeout = 30):
u""" Create an object for reusable connections.
:param uri: URI to connect to.
:type uri: str
:param timeout: blocking operations' timeout (in seconds).
:type timeout: int
:returns: TODO
:raises: TODO
__version__ = u'0.1.3'
__url__ = u''
self.headers = {
u'User-Agent': u'krakenex/' + __version__ +
u' (+' + __url__ + u')'
self.conn = httplib.HTTPSConnection(uri, timeout = timeout)
def close(self):
u""" Close the connection.
def _request(self, url, req = {}, headers = {}):
u""" Send POST request to API server.
:param url: fully-qualified URL with all necessary urlencoded
:type url: str
:param req: additional API request parameters
:type req: dict
:param headers: additional HTTPS headers, such as API-Key and API-Sign
:type headers: dict
data = urllib.urlencode(req)
self.conn.request(u"POST", url, data, headers)
response = self.conn.getresponse()
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