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Repa histogram benchmark
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances #-}
import Codec.Picture.Repa
import qualified Data.Array.Repa as R
import qualified Data.Array.Repa.Unsafe as RU
import qualified Data.Vector.Unboxed as VU
import Data.Array.Repa.Repr.ForeignPtr (F)
import Data.Array.Repa ((:.), Array, (:.)(..), Z(..), DIM3)
import System.Environment
import Data.Word
import Criterion.Main
main:: IO ()
main = do
path: xs <- getArgs
eImg <- readImageRGBA path
case eImg of
Left e -> error e
Right i -> withArgs xs $ defaultMain [bench "JuicyPixels-repa histogram" $ whnf (histograms.imgData) i]
type Histogram = R.Array R.D R.DIM1 Int
type HistogramRGBA = (Histogram, Histogram, Histogram, Histogram)
instance Benchmarkable HistogramRGBA where
run t@(r,g,b,a) n
| n <= 0 = return ()
| otherwise = return (map R.computeUnboxedS [r,g,b,a]) >> run t (n-1)
{-# INLINE run #-}
histograms :: Array F DIM3 Word8 -> (Histogram, Histogram, Histogram, Histogram)
histograms arr =
let (Z:.nrRow:.nrCol:._) = R.extent arr
zero = R.fromFunction (Z:.256) (\_ -> 0 :: Int)
incElem idx x = RU.unsafeTraverse x id (\l i -> l i + if i==(Z:.fromIntegral idx) then 1 else 0)
in Prelude.foldl (\(hR, hG, hB, hA) (row,col) ->
let r = R.unsafeIndex arr (Z:.row:.col:.0)
g = R.unsafeIndex arr (Z:.row:.col:.1)
b = R.unsafeIndex arr (Z:.row:.col:.2)
a = R.unsafeIndex arr (Z:.row:.col:.3)
in (incElem r hR, incElem g hG, incElem b hB, incElem a hA))
[ (row,col) | row <- [0..nrRow-1], col <- [0..nrCol-1] ]
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