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date: 2017-06-24T18:38:50.121Z
title: Apple Jam
layout: recipe
description: Jam made of apples tastes awesome.
text: Apples
url: /images/uploads/apples.jpg
- ingredient:
amount: '1'
name: apples
unit: kg
- ingredient:
amount: '0.5'
name: water
unit: dl
- ingredient:
amount: '5'
name: sugar
unit: dl
## Method
1. Scale and kernel of the apples. Place the peeled apple slices in a bowl of cold water so that they do not darken.
2. Lift the apples to a saucepan and add water. Boil on low heat and stir regularly. Stir the sugar when the apples soften (feel a test piece). Let boil again.
3. Mix the mash to the desired consistency with a rod mixer.
4. In the fridge the mash stays for 1-2 weeks. In freezer it will last up to a year.
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name: "ingredient"
widget: "object"
- {label: "Amount", name: "amount", widget: "number"}
- {label: "Unit", name: "unit", widget: "select", options: ["", "dl", "l", "kg"]}
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