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GSoC 2020 Final Report with C3G


This summer I had a great time working on Ingesting the Canadian Common CV under the guidance of the Simon Chénard. This work product describes what I accomplished this summer and what is left to do.

The project goal was to develop a tool that parses the CCV & saves data in a database so that relevant data can be used in external applications.

This project was developed from scratch. So every work done in the source repository can be considered for evaluation.

All about Hack

Before I got selected

  • Added basic boilerplate template code - Commit #1
  • Designed & Implemented Models for the database - Commit #2

After I got selected

  • Added Parser for CCV & Database Ingestion - PR #1
  • Added Test cases for the parser & some sample files for the deployement - PR #2
  • Added endpoint to fetch some basic details from the available CCVs - PR #3


I have got to learn about the standard paradigms & best development practices of python while working on this project. There are also some things which are left that I'll be looking after the GSoC upon my mentor approval.

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