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Putting the L and T in LGBT

Theresa O'Connor hober

Putting the L and T in LGBT
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View jsdom-attr-problem.js
var sys = require('sys');
var browser = require('jsdom/browser')
var domToHtml = require('jsdom/browser/domtohtml').domToHtml;
var DOM = browser.browserAugmentation(require('jsdom/level2/core').dom.level2.core)
var doc = new DOM.Document('html');
var headEl = doc.createElement('head');
View Ugly node REPL when run as an inferior process in Emacs
Type '.help' for options.
^[[0Gnode> ^[[0K^[[0G^[[6C
^[[0G^[[0Gnode> ^[[0K^[[0G^[[6Ca
^[[0GReferenceError: a is not defined
at [object Context]:1:1
at Interface.<anonymous> (repl:77:19)
at Interface.emit (events:26:26)
at Interface._ttyWrite (readline:221:12)
View Is this a JSDOM bug, an HTML5 serializer bug, or what?
/* Using aredridel/html5 and tmpvar/jsdom */
var sys = require('sys');
var HTML5 = require('html5');
var p = new HTML5.Parser("<p>hello, world");
var doc = p.document;