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Last active August 29, 2015 14:10
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eHealth Exchange Adapter Review

Exchange Adapter Code


  • sets up adapter_dev2
  • execute VistaLinkSetup jar


  • connectorConfig.xml
  • mapping HashMap or POJO to XML C32 or C62
  • assembly - packages it up into a tar.gz


  • Contains all the beans for the generic adapter common library
  • audit
    • JPA code for storing audit info in database
    • manages all the writing to Audit logs
  • cache
    • Key-value store for data of some sort
  • datamanager
    • ejb
    • Bean that just gets a searched for query from the data manager
    • translators
    • STS (Standards and Terminology Services) HL7 stuff
    • STSDataTranslator
      • Variables
      • MapSetVuid - VUID is id of validation rule for HL7
      • input
      • MapSetVersionName
      • bypassCache
      • connectionFilename
      • connection
      • Source type -> Target Type
      • tilde delimited input indicates multiple components or subcomps. where possible
    • STSDataLookupTranslator
      • ConceptDetailTransfer
      • Gets Designation, Properties or Associations constant
    • TerminologyDataTranslator
      • Converts item from one codeset to another
    • TerminologyEJBDataTranslator
      • Same as above but references TerminologyRemote EJB
    • TerminologyLookupDataTranslator
      • Naming is weird but looks like you get a Port and then make it do the lookup??
    • TerminologyLookupEJBDataTranslator
      • Same as above but using Remote EJB
  • documentrepository
    • Document table model
    • findAll, findByDocumentId, findByDocumentUniqueId
    • Supports getDocumentsbyDocumentId or UniqueId, delete, store, deleteDocumentsNotAccessed by data
    • Bean implements local and remote
  • documentrepositorycleanup
    • Cleanup service that can be started and stopped
    • Configured according to documentCacheCleanupInterval and documentCacheRetentionTime uses EJB Timer class
  • facilitymanager
    • Manages Facilities, Assigning_Authorities, FACILITIES_TO_AAS tables
    • getAllFacilities, getFacilityByHCID, getFacilityByFacilityNumber, getFacilitiesContainingAA, addAAToFacility
  • propertylookup
    • PROPERTIES table
    • Get property from table
  • terminology
    • Manages CODESETS, TRANSLATIONS table
    • Translations supports: findAll, findByTranslationId, findBySourceCodeset, findBySourceCode, findByTargetCodeset, findByTargetCode, findTranslation
    • Codesets supports: findAll, findByCodesetId, findByCodeset, findByLookupTable, findByKeyField


  • Packages up AdapterLib, AdapterEJB, AdapterCommonEJB, cONNECTCommonTypesLib jar files into an AdapterEA ear file for WebLogic


  • AdapterInterfaces
    • Contains all the WSDLs for Adapter functions
    • Schemas
      • HL7V3 schemas
      • Schemas for Adapter functions


  • Cluster of all kinds of utility functions to do just about anything
  • DAS
    • doOperationSendImmunizationData
      • Sends ICN, Facility Number and C32 and gets back Bson Doc Id
    • doOperationSendACPDocument
      • Send Advance Care Planning not ready yet
      • Not implemented yet so does nothing
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