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  • Move 720p files to 720p dir
  • Move 1080p files to 1080p dir

Check which track you need to select:

mkvmerge -i myfile.mkv | grep audio

You'll get something like this:

Track ID 1: audio (A_AAC)
Track ID 2: audio (A_AAC)

Set filetype and number:

export F_TYPE=aac
export F_NUMBER=2

Extract audio tracks:

find ./720p -type f -name *.mkv -exec basename {} \; | while read i; do mkvextract tracks "720p/$i" $F_NUMBER:"sound/${i%.*}".$F_TYPE; done

Mux audio tracks to 1080p mkv files:

find ./1080p -type f -name *.mkv -exec basename {} \; | while read i; do mkvmerge -o "1080pRUS/${i}" "1080p/${i}" "sound/${i%mkv}$F_TYPE" ; done

DON'T FORGET THAT FILES SHOULD HAVE SAME NAME. For now had to rename manually

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