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sealed class Health(val infectious: Boolean, val visiblyInfectious: Boolean) {
def evolve(implicit randomGenerator: RandomIntGenerator, config: MySimConfig): Option[HealthChange] =
this match {
case Healthy =>
if (randomGenerator.randomBelow(101) <= config.transmissibilityPct)
Some(new HealthChange(0, Incubatious))
else None
case Incubatious =>
Some(new HealthChange(6, Sick))
case Sick =>
if (randomGenerator.randomBelow(101) <= config.mortalityPct)
Some(new HealthChange(14 - 6, Dead))
else None
case Dead =>
case Immune =>
Some(new HealthChange(18 - 16, Healthy))
case Vaccinated =>
// infected? visibly?
object Healthy extends Health(false, false)
object Incubatious extends Health(true, false)
object Sick extends Health(true, true)
object Dead extends Health(true, true)
object Immune extends Health(true, false)
object Vaccinated extends Health(false, false)
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