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lift-web- json , trait
import net.liftweb.json._
//implicit val formats = net.liftweb.json.DefaultFormats
trait InternalCaseClassTrait{
def text: String
case class InternalCaseClass(
text: String
) extends InternalCaseClassTrait
case class InternalCaseClass2(
text: String
) extends InternalCaseClassTrait
case class OutBoundCaseClass(
cbsToken: String,
aTrait: InternalCaseClassTrait,
backendMessages: List[InternalCaseClass],
owners: List[String]
case class InBoundCaseClass(
oneMore: Option[String],
aTrait: InternalCaseClassTrait,
cbsToken: Option[String],
backendMessages: List[InternalCaseClass],
owners: List[String]
var oneCaseClass: OutBoundCaseClass = OutBoundCaseClass("cbsToken",InternalCaseClass("trait"), List(InternalCaseClass("text")), List(""))
val twoCaseClass: InternalCaseClass = InternalCaseClass("text")
implicit val formats = Serialization.formats(ShortTypeHints(List(classOf[InternalCaseClass],classOf[InternalCaseClass2])))
//1case class -->JValue
val classToJValue: JValue = Extraction.decompose(oneCaseClass)
//2 JValue -->String
//2.1 JValue -->Document first.
val jValueToDocument: Document = render(classToJValue)
//2.2 Document-->String
val documnetToStringCompact: String = compact(jValueToDocument)
val documnetToStringPretty: String = pretty(jValueToDocument)
//2.1 and 2.2 one way:
val jValueToStringCompact: String = compactRender(classToJValue)
//3.0 String --> JValue
val stringToJValue: JValue = parse(jValueToStringCompact)
//4.0 JValue --> Case Class
val jvalueToCaseClass: InBoundCaseClass = Extraction.extract[InBoundCaseClass](stringToJValue)
//val jvalueToCaseClass2: InBoundCaseClass = Extraction.extract[InBoundCaseClass](parse("{\n \"1\":\"2\"\n}"))
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