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Created December 30, 2020 21:59
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Crimelife 2


-NO MORE UPDATES- Crimelife 2 is a full 3d GTA clone with advanced graphics and phisics. In this beta version you can freeroam around the new huge city. Shoot people and explode vehicles with 7 weapons including uzi, shotguns, rocketlunchers and more. Purchase more weapons from Weapon-Nation shop Drive a car from 16 available all diferent in appearance and interior. Enter a building to explore the rich content and many, many other things. Please report any bugs or things that you don't like in the game.


  • crimelife
  • gta
  • grand
  • theft
  • auto
  • clone
  • crime
  • life
  • 3d
  • cool
  • sakis25


Field Value
Developer sakisa
Released 19 Oct 2007
Category Strategy
Average Rating 3.9 (by 12549 users)
Downloads 600299
Version 1
ID 14296
Slug crimelife-2
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