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caesars chiffre 1
# Caesar Cipher
# from Al Sweigarts invent with python book
def getMode():
while True:
print('Do you wish to encrypt or decrypt a message?')
mode = input().lower()
if mode in 'encrypt e decrypt d'.split():
return mode
print('Enter either "encrypt" or "e" or "decrypt" or "d".')
def getMessage():
print('Enter your message:')
return input()
def getKey():
key = 0
while True:
print('Enter the key number (1-%s)' % (MAX_KEY_SIZE))
key = int(input())
if (key >= 1 and key <= MAX_KEY_SIZE):
return key
def getTranslatedMessage(mode, message, key):
if mode[0] == 'd':
key = -key
translated = ''
for symbol in message:
if symbol.isalpha():
num = ord(symbol)
num += key
if symbol.isupper():
if num > ord('Z'):
num -= 26
elif num < ord('A'):
num += 26
elif symbol.islower():
if num > ord('z'):
num -= 26
elif num < ord('a'):
num += 26
translated += chr(num)
translated += symbol
return translated
mode = getMode()
message = getMessage()
key = getKey()
print('Your translated text is:')
print(getTranslatedMessage(mode, message, key))
table = {"a":"x",
def encrypt(raw):
final = ""
for char in raw:
#if char in table:
# final+= table[char]
# final += char
final += table[char] if char in table else char
print("decrypted text:",raw)
print("encrypted text:",final)
#return final
def decrypt(raw):
final = ""
for char in raw:
#for (a,b) in table.items():
# if b == char:
# match = b
# break
# match = char
match = [a for (a,b) in table.items() if b == char]
# match is a list!
if len(match) == 1:
final += match[0]
final += char
print("encrypted text:", raw )
print("decrypted text:", final)
#return final
text = input("bitte text eingeben und [ENTER] drücken: >>>")
mode = input("""
bitte auswählen:
encrypt:............e + [ENTER]
decrypt:............d + [ENTER]
if mode == "e":
elif mode == "d":
print("bitte nur e oder d drücken")
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