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Use this simple function to convert your string

persianNumbers = [/۰/g, /۱/g, /۲/g, /۳/g, /۴/g, /۵/g, /۶/g, /۷/g, /۸/g, /۹/g],
arabicNumbers  = [/٠/g, /١/g, /٢/g, /٣/g, /٤/g, /٥/g, /٦/g, /٧/g, /٨/g, /٩/g],
fixNumbers = function (str)
  if(typeof str === 'string')
    for(var i=0; i<10; i++)
      str = str.replace(persianNumbers[i], i).replace(arabicNumbers[i], i);
  return str;


var mystr = 'Sample text ۱۱۱۵۱ and ٢٨٢٢';
mystr = fixNumbers(mystr);
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