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[macOS] The Battle for Wesnoth 1.14.6 backward compatibility

Since 1.14.6 Wesnoth for macOS uses app sandboxing feature, which means Wesnoth has a new location for saves, addons, maps and preferences. Everything will be migrated to the new location on first run.


Q: I am a regular user. Will this change affect me somehow?

A: No, it won't.

Q: I am developer, will this change affect me somehow?

A: Probably not. Every dev version of Wesnoth for macOS since this commit will automatically link the old saves location to the new one. So you shouldn't be able to recognize the change.

Q: I am addon developer, will this change affect me somehow?

A: If you compile Wesnoth from source, then it won't affect you. If not, then you will probably be interested in creating a symlink from the old location to the new one. See the question below for steps.

Q: I want to downgrade to the previous version of wesnoth. Where are my saves?

A: Your saves were moved to the new location. For backward compatibility you can use the steps below.

ln -s ~/Library/Containers/org.wesnoth.Wesnoth/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Wesnoth_1.14/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/Wesnoth_1.14/
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