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huderlem /
Created Jul 28, 2020
Region map generator
# This is a hacky thrown-together script that procedurally
# generates Gen-3 Pokemon region map images. I intend to build
# an online tool to facilitate this, but this is the first
# proof of concept.
# Requires the opensimplix, Pillow, and scikit-learn:
# pip install opensimplex
# pip install Pillow
# pip install -U scikit-learn
huderlem / dump-carrot-crazy-level-image.go
Created Feb 20, 2020
Generates a full image of a level in Looney Tunes: Carrot Crazy
View dump-carrot-crazy-level-image.go
package main
import (
View carrot-crazy-compress.go
const (
copyByte = iota
type command struct {
action int
length int
distance int
View carrot-crazy-decompression.go
package main
import (
View Sample .pscr
script BugContestOfficer_EnterContest
bufferitemname(0, VAR_BUG_CONTEST_PRIZE)
if (var(VAR_RESULT)) {
} else {
# This script will process a pokeemerald project and generate the wild encounters JSON data for it.
# It creates:
# src/data/wild_encounters.json
# In order to convert your project's existing data from src/data/wild_encounters.h:
# 1. Merge pret/master.
# 2. Run on your project.
# Example: "python path/to/my/project"
# 3. Commit the src/data/wild_encounters.json file it creates.
# This script will convert some map json fields from integers to strings.
# Place this script in data/maps directory, and run it.
# python 3 version of the script
import re
import glob
for filepath in glob.iglob('./**/map.json', recursive=True):
with open(filepath) as file:
# This script will process a pokeruby or pokeemerald project and generate the map data JSON files for it.
# It creates:
# data/maps/map_groups.json
# data/layouts/layouts.json
# data/maps/<map_name>/map.json
# In order to convert your project to use the new JSON map data, perform the following steps:
# 1. Run on your project.
# Example: "python emerald path/to/my/project"
huderlem /
Last active Jan 31, 2019
Map Data Conversion

This document is a proposal for how the map data for gen 3 decomps could be converted to a data representation that isn't raw assembler and C. The goal of this data conversion would be to make it simpler for external tools to work with the data. Working directly with assembler and C code takes more effort, is more error-prone, and is less extensible. JSON files are used in this document as the chosen data representation because JSON is widely supported and simple enough for a human to read. The chosen format could potentially be something else, but it should be widely supported (i.e. no custom formats). The work for this proposal is split into several parts:

  1. Convert maps data into individual JSON files
  2. Convert layouts data into a single JSON file
  3. Convert map groups into single JSON file
  4. Create new compile-time tool that transforms these JSON files into their old assembler representations (i.e. codegen).

1. Convert maps data into individual JSON files

Each map will move its data into a si

huderlem /
Created Jun 12, 2018
pokeruby/pokeemerald style guide

Style Guide - pokeruby/pokeemerald

Version 0.1


When describing a system/component in-depth, use block comment syntax.

 * This is an in-depth description of the save block format. Its format is as follows:
 * Sectors  0 - 13: Save Slot 1