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Private npm modules in Travis Pro

Log into npm using the account you want to use for accessing the private modules on Travis

$ npm login

Then copy the npm auth token from your ~/.npmrc file. It's the string after "//".

In Travis, add the NPM_TOKEN environment variable to the settings with the token value.

In your .travis.yml file:

language: node_js

  - 4

  - printf "//${NPM_TOKEN}\n" >> .npmrc

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jgrund commented Sep 28, 2015

Could also do:

- npm config set // $NPM_TOKEN

In before_install


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fyockm commented Sep 30, 2015

Any reason not to simply have an .npmrc file in your project directory with a single line? Why set it before install every time?


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paralin commented Aug 11, 2016

@fyockm Security, you don't want tokens in the repo

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