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Google Summer of Code 2020 - Hugo Neves de Carvalho - Contributions - PurrData


Google Summer of Code 2020 - PurrData - Final project report

Student Hugo Neves de Carvalho
Github @hugonxc
PurrData Gitlab @hugonxc
Organization PurrData
Project Inject Purr Data Directly into the Web


The main task during GSoC was to make the current native Purr Data also available as a web app. Combining a backend built with emscripten and rewriting some functions for the frontend we were able to had some concrete results. My contributions were on the frontend side, redesigning, and make adjustments to the code.

The final state of contributions can be found at the emscripten branch on the PurrData repository under the path purr-data/emscripten/project/purr-data (link).



Known bugs list

Until the end of this project, we had the following problems:

  • The view options still not implemented

  • Update help browser to work on webapp

  • If you try to close Quick Reference the application stops responding (seems to be frozen)

  • If you create an audio object (e.g. [osc~], [phasor~]) turn the DSP on, then open and close its help file, the GUI no longer responses to my mouse click. (seems to be frozen)

  • If you create an audio object (e.g. [phasor~]) and open/close its help file for many times(e.g. > 20 times), it gets slower and slower opening the file. (takes a few seconds to open after opening/closing 20 times)

  • Split patch canvas in half just works if you don't grow your patch more than half of the canvas container

Useful links

If you want to check my full progress, check my fork repository on PurrData GitLab.

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