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Sheikh Hussnain hussnainsheikh

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hussnainsheikh / Transfer_with_extraction.php
Last active November 6, 2017 07:21 — forked from musamamasood/transfer.php
Transfer files to server with publicly accessible zip file with extraction using PHP Copy and PHP ZipArchive. You just have to change the $remote_file_url and then upload this file on destination server and execute the file.
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* Transfer Files Server to Server using PHP Copy and PHP ZipArchive
* @link
/* Source File URL */
$remote_file_url = '';
/* New file name and path for this file */

How to install mysql on ubuntu (which works)

first delete it in case a root password was previously created:

sudo apt-get purge mysql-server mysql-client mysql-common mysql-server-core-5.5 mysql-client-core-5.5
sudo rm -rf /etc/mysql /var/lib/mysql
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get autoclean

then install it:

hussnainsheikh /
Created October 13, 2019 12:06 — forked from jdhao/
The script will install GCC 5.4.0 on your CentOS 7 system, make sure you have root right. See for more details.
echo "Downloading gcc source files..."
curl -O
echo "extracting files..."
tar xvfj gcc-5.4.0.tar.bz2
echo "Installing dependencies..."
yum install gmp-devel mpfr-devel libmpc-devel -y
echo "Configure and install..."
hussnainsheikh / delete_older_than.php
Last active April 13, 2022 13:18 — forked from tdebatty/delete_older_than.php
A simple PHP function to delete files older than a given age. **Updated to delete files in subdirectories.**
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* A simple function that uses mtime to delete files older than a given age (in seconds)
* Very handy to rotate backup or log files, for example...
* $dir String whhere the files are
* $max_age Int in seconds
* return String[] the list of deleted files