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[Undocumented WinAPI] Timer Resolution
// From Oskar Dahlberg's post at:
#include <Windows.h>
static NTSTATUS(__stdcall *NtDelayExecution)(BOOL Alertable, PLARGE_INTEGER DelayInterval) = (NTSTATUS(__stdcall*)(BOOL, PLARGE_INTEGER)) GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("ntdll.dll"), "NtDelayExecution");
static NTSTATUS(__stdcall *ZwSetTimerResolution)(IN ULONG RequestedResolution, IN BOOLEAN Set, OUT PULONG ActualResolution) = (NTSTATUS(__stdcall*)(ULONG, BOOLEAN, PULONG)) GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("ntdll.dll"), "ZwSetTimerResolution");
static void SleepShort(float milliseconds) {
static bool once = true;
if (once) {
ULONG actualResolution;
ZwSetTimerResolution(1, true, &actualResolution);
once = false;
interval.QuadPart = -1 * (int)(milliseconds * 10000.0f);
NtDelayExecution(false, &interval);
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