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  • Rebuilt the last 2.3 release from
  • Removed unused firmwares
  • Onboard Wi-Fi - OK
  • EMMC Boot - OK
  • SD Boot - OK
  • serial debug UART - ENABLED
  • Khadas IR Remote Control - OK
  • Khadas 3705 Cooling Fan - OK
  • Easy installation from SD to EMMC
  • Bluetooth - TESTMODE
  • File System: NTFS + exFat + Fat + ext2/3/4

DOWNLOAD image links

ROMs pre-installed NOTES

  • You can download preinstalled images which marked as roms_preinstalled
  • All pre-installed ROMs are only for educational purposes

ROM links

INSTALL image to SD card

Linux - default installation method examples

wget http://SERVER/
unzip -p '*.img' | sudo dd bs=1M of=/dev/YOUR_SD_CARD

wget http://SERVER/LAKKA_IMAGE.img.gz
gzip -dc LAKKA_IMAGE.img.gz | sudo dd bs=1M of=/dev/YOUR_SD_CARD

wget http://SERVER/Firmware/VIM1/Lakka/LAKKA_IMAGE.img.gz -O- | gzip -dc | sudo dd bs=1M of=/dev/YOUR_SD_CARD

NOTE: Remember to replace the words LAKKA_IMAGE and YOUR_SD_CARD, to the correct values in your system.

Linux - GUI

sudo ./balenaEtcher-1.5.57-x64.AppImage

Just select the LAKKA_IMAGE.img.gz or image, and select your SD card as the target. Press burn! ( There is no need to decompress the image )

Another OS (or if previous methods were difficult for you)

Use Balena Etcher to burn the Lakka image to your SD card or USB flash media.

BOOT from SD card

  • Best way is to just boot Lakka from your SD card.
  • If your EMMC is empty, Lakka will automatically boot from your SD card.
  • Else, Uboot will start from EMMC by default - it can boot from SD card, but only with the proper version and config!

VIM1_v12 (old)

VIM1 v14 (current)

Just triple-press KEY_F (middle button) to force SD bootup!

INSTALL to EMMC (internal storage)

  • Write image to SD card.
  • Open/mount SD card (LAKKA partition) on your PC.
  • Activate this script scripts/install2emmc.script.disabled which is stored in the first LAKKA partition. Rename it from install2emmc.script.disabled -> install2emmc.script.
  • Unmount/eject SD card from your PC .
  • Insert SD card into VIM1 (TF card slot).
  • Power on + force boot from SD card by triple pressing KEY_F (middle button).
  • Wait for the "remove SD card" message to appear, before ejecting your SD card.
  • OK! Well done! EMMC boot will occur automatically.

NOTE: All previous EMMC data will be lost!!!


Deactivated by default.

user	root
passw	lakka


Deactivated by default.

Linux smb clients - smb config example

client use spnego = no
protocol = SMB2
client max protocol = smb2
workgroup = WORKGROUP

RC control

  • You can customise remote.conf to match any other Remote Control.
  • By default it is configured for the Khadas IR Remote.


Rebuilt by

## hyphop ##
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