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‘Ruinensehnsucht' - Longing for Decay in Computer Games, paper_67.pdf
"Its'a Me, Mario!": Costumed Gaming's Effects on Character Identification, paper_407.pdf
"Speaking intelligently?" What do we understand about narratives in video games (and what not)?, paper_355.pdf
"We Don't Sell Blocks:" Exploring Minecraft's Commissioning Market, paper_115.pdf
"Who Am 'I' In The Game?": A Typology of Modes of Ludic Subjectivity, paper_234.pdf
"You don't ever stop playing EVE Online, you just take a break": Rethinking what it means to quit a Massively Multiplayer Online Game , paper_431.pdf
``What is a Super Mario level anyway?'' An Argument For Non-Formalist Level Generation in Super Mario Bros., paper_271.pdf
4x Gamer as Myth, paper_109.pdf
A Feasibility Study of Using Interactive Social Story Games to Teach Social Skills to Children with Autism, paper_196.pdf
A Framework for Understanding Player Experiences with Controversial Game Content, paper_34.pdf
A Game Within a Bio-Object(s): Redefining a Moment of the Gameplay , paper_412.pdf
A History of Voice Interaction in Games, paper_103.pdf
A Lightweight Videogame Dialogue Manager, paper_439.pdf
A Machine-Learned Framework for Automatic Content Generation, Evaluation, and Critique, paper_510.pdf
A Playful Tinder-Like Interface for Search and Rescue, paper_270.pdf
A Statistical Analysis of Player Improvement and Single-Player High Scores, paper_328.pdf
A Typology of Verbs Culled From 23,000 Videogame Walkthroughs, paper_481.pdf
ADAMASTOR: A Case Study on Generative Game Design, paper_474.pdf
Aesthetics of Speedrunning, paper_114.pdf
Algorithmic Play in Georges Perec's Ludic Narratives, paper_90.pdf
An Impression of Home: Player Nostalgia and the Impulse to Explore Game Worlds, paper_107.pdf
Analysis of Game Console Accessibility for Users who are Blind, paper_317.pdf
Anti-inspiration in Independent Games, paper_448.pdf
Arcade Videogame Interface Art, Aesthetics, and Materiality, paper_517.pdf
ArkaNet: Investigating Emergent Gameplay and Emergence, paper_471.pdf
Azeroth the homeland- World of Warcraft and the Sense of Belonging, paper_268.pdf
Baby gamers? Theorizing the ‘Haptic Habitus' of Very Young Children, Parents and Touchscreen Technologies, paper_92.pdf
BDP-Pac-Man: Evaluating Belief-Driven Pathfinding on Player Experience, paper_473.pdf
Behaviour Change Wheel Driven Normative Feedback in a Serious Game for Energy Conservation, paper_194.pdf
Big Playerbase, Big Data: Data logging in multiplayer videogames as methodology, paper_186.pdf
BioGraphr: Science Games on a Biotic Computer, paper_188.pdf
Breaking New Ground: Indie Community, Flash, and, paper_437.pdf
Bridging the Physical Learning Divides: A Design Framework for Embodied Learning Games and Simulations, paper_40.pdf
Building a Game Studies Conference: A Case Study of GAMES \& LITERARY THEORY., paper_182.pdf
Burying E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: Undoing Game Archaeology, paper_52.pdf
Can Challenges in Serious Educational Games be Modelled as Components with Learning Theory Foundations?,
Changing Roles in Gaming: Twitch and new gaming audiences, paper_101.pdf
Charismatic Leadership and Digital Games, paper_9.pdf
Collegiate E-sports as Work or Play, paper_436.pdf
Combining Speech Intervention and Cooperative Game Design for Children with ASD, paper_196.pdf
Comparing Gameplay Across Formal and Informal Contexts, paper_187.pdf
Conceptualizing Social and Political Conflict in Games: Hegemony, Agonism and the Post-Political in Crusader Kings II, Democracy 3 and SimCity, paper_447.pdf
Constructing the Female Gamer: Cheritz, Korean Women's Games and the Romance of Global Capitalism, paper_283.pdf
Conventions within eSports: Exploring Similarities in Design, paper_249.pdf
Creative Communities: Shaping Process through Performance and Play, paper_103.pdf
Creeds, Souls \& Worlds of Worship: Players' Appropriations of Religious Worldviews through Forums, paper_160.pdf
Critical Acclaim and Commercial Success in Mobile Free-to-Play Games, paper_210.pdf
Critical Alternative Journalism from the Perspective of Game Journalists, paper_177.pdf
Critically Approaching the Playful and Participatory Genealogy of MOBAs, paper_386.pdf
Crowdfunding NSFW Video Game Fan Art, paper_306.pdf
Dark game design patterns in online games: exploitation, loyalty and engagement, paper_452.pdf
Debris: Exploring the video game values that can help reduce mental illness stigma, paper_256.pdf
Deep Play and Dark Play in Contemporary Cinema, paper_22.pdf
Delicate Subjects: Vulnerability and validation in action adventure games , paper_365.pdf
Design Lessons From Binary Fission: A Crowd Sourced Game for Precondition Discovery, paper_336.pdf
Design Paradigms and Principles for Free-to-Play Games: A Developer Interview Study, paper_396.pdf
Designing a Serious Game for General Practice Management, paper_110.pdf
Designing Digital Enrichment for Human-Orangutan Play in the Zoo, paper_17.pdf
Designing for constructive failure: reflections on the design and execution of an introduction to simulation gaming , paper_409.pdf
Designing Natural-Language Game Conversations,
Designing Unconventional Use of Conventional Displays in Games: Some Assembly Required, paper_240.pdf
Developing Ideation Cards for Mixed Reality Game Design, paper_418.pdf
Developing Multiliteracies using Digital Games and Digital Literature in Second Language Environments, paper_506.pdf
Developing the Developers: Education, Creativity and the Gaming Habitus, paper_105.pdf
Digital Detritus: What Can We Learn From Abandoned Massively Multiplayer Online Game Avatars?, paper_426.pdf
Digital Games, Gender, and Cultural Participation: A Study of Finnish Female Gamers, paper_494.pdf
Digital play, iPad Apps and Young Children's Development , paper_464.pdf
Discovering Social and Aesthetic Categories of Avatars: A Bottom-Up Artificial Intelligence Approach Using Image Clustering, paper_197.pdf
Diversity Scale: an Evaluation Algorithm for Terrain Generators, paper_472.pdf
Emptiness Beckons: The Allure of Space in Speculative Game Fictions, paper_286.pdf
Enacting aporia: Roger Caillois' game typology as formalist methodology, paper_293.pdf
Engaging Elements in a Commercial Game, paper_107.pdf
Enter the disagreement matrix or "let's talk ontology, game studies",
Environmental Storytelling, Ideologies And Quantum Physics: Narrative Space And The BioShock Games, paper_99.pdf
Ethics of Online Cheating: From Chess to Esports and Back, paper_251.pdf
Evaluating an Interactive Narrative Game Engine that Dynamically Modifies World States and Mechanics, paper_514.pdf
Everyday Racism and the challenges for anti-racist gaming, paper_185.pdf
Exploration of Open Data through Procedural Content Generation, paper_235.pdf
Exploring Narrative in Practice: Interviews with Game Developers , paper_398.pdf
Finding Meaning in Abstract Games: A Deep Reading of Sage Solitaire, paper_432.pdf
First-Person Walkers: Understanding the Walker Experience through Four Design Themes, paper_318.pdf
For a Proportion Principle-based Gameplay Design, paper_206.pdf
Format(ive) Wars: Formation of the British Videogames Industry in the 1980s, paper_14.pdf
Four Lenses for Designing Morally Engaging Games, paper_184.pdf
Free Love: Japanese Women's Games, Fan Translations, and the Neoliberal Politics of Game Localization, paper_410.pdf
From Breaking to Making, paper_109.pdf
From DOOM to Duty: The Evolution of Design Patterns in First Person Shooters., paper_478.pdf
From Game Culture to Playful Culture Studies: Emergence of Ludification, paper_235.pdf
From practice-based game research to game design as a cultural technique , paper_103.pdf
Frustration and Adaptation: Orientational Shifts in Motivation, paper_140.pdf
G-Player: Exploratory Visual Analytics for Accessible Knowledge Discovery, paper_420.pdf
Game Design Adaptation Strategies for Literary and Classical Texts, paper_301.pdf
Game Design as Experiment: Jewish Labour Movements in 1910s Montreal, ?
Game Essays as Critical Media and Research Praxis, paper_235.pdf
Game Futures: Methods and tools for forecasting future directions of game products and services, paper_469.pdf
Game Jams as an opportunity for Industry Development, paper_104.pdf
Game of My Life: Supporting life management skills of young people, paper_459.pdf
Game Preservation within a Dutch Audiovisual Heritage Institution, paper_215.pdf
GameNet and GameSage: Videogame Discovery as Design Insight, paper_201.pdf
Gameplay Rationalities: Freedom and the ‘Intensification' of Power, paper_61.pdf
Games to Live With and Die For: Speculations on NikeFuel, paper_48.pdf
Gaming's secret public: Nerdcore porn and the in/visible body of the female gamer, paper_91.pdf
Gatekeeping Games: A Topographic Consideration of Para-Ludic Borderlands, paper_324.pdf
Gendering Magic -- Men, Women and Eldrazi of Magic: the Gathering,
Gift players or playbourers? Who is playing citizen science games?, paper_274.pdf
Good Feedback for bad Players? A preliminary Study of ‘juicy' Interface feedback , paper_468.pdf
Good Violence, Bad Violence: The Ethics of Competition in Multiplayer Games, paper_39.pdf
Grouches, Extraverts, and Jellyfish: Assessment validity and game mechanics in a gamified assessment, paper_327.pdf
Grounded Theory in Games Research: Making the Case and Exploring the Options, paper_400.pdf
Happy Endings: An Analysis of Happiness in Games, paper_502.pdf
Hidden Paratextuality: Concealing the Factual Aspects of Video Games, paper_299.pdf
I Cried to Dream Again: Discovery and Meaning-Making in Walking Simulators, paper_102.pdf
I Wasn´t Looking at His Nice Ass: Female Gaze and Video Games,
If Only For a Knight: Romantic Subplots in cRPGs in the Light of Courtly Love Trope, paper_338.pdf
Immersive lore-friendliness. Game modifications as intertextual tropes, paper_120.pdf
Improving Interaction with Non-Player Characters Through Physiological Data, paper_363.pdf
Increasing coherence in 'impact': crossing disciplines and framing, paper_291.pdf
Indigenous Game Design in Invaders, paper_453.pdf
Integrating Curiosity and Uncertainty in Game Design, paper_436.pdf
Interactive biotechnology: Design rules for integrating living matter into digital games, paper_188.pdf
Internally Enacted Narratives: Jonathan Blow's The Witness, paper_377.pdf
Knowing Societies Through Game Communities: Bringing Anthropology and Game Studies into Conversation, paper_289.pdf
LGBTQ Characters and Ambience: LGBTG representation in Grand Theft Auto Series, paper_25.pdf
Lineages: Historicising the videogame, paper_199.pdf
Little VR Pet Shop: A Reverse Turing Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game, paper_173.pdf
Localizing Location-Based Gaming: Situating Australian Urban Play, paper_87.pdf
Ludic Impulses of the Cartographical, paper_316.pdf
Ludification of work or Labourisation of play? On work-play interferences., paper_168.pdf
Mainstreaming Games Journalism, paper_263.pdf
Making the Familiar Unfamiliar: Techniques for Creating Poetic Gameplay, paper_272.pdf
Mama Ludens Ex Domo: Using Feminist Methods to Diversify Game Culture, paper_374.pdf
Metagaming and Subversive Play in League of Legends, paper_95.pdf
Much ado about nothing? Analysis of the Polish internet discourse about "Hatred"., paper_157.pdf
No-one Plays Alone, paper_50.pdf
Nokia N-gage Reconsidered: Mobile Games before They Became Mainstream, paper_42.pdf
On a Design Approach for Collaborative Decision Making Games: A Preliminary Validation Study, paper_389.pdf
On Becoming "Like eSports": Twitch as a Platform for the Speedrunning Community, paper_193.pdf
Operational Logics, Paratexts and the Production of Knowledge: The Diablo III Case, paper_346.pdf
Optikammer - a playable poster , paper_457.pdf
Paidia to Ludus, Non-Commodity to Commodity: Uncovering the Residue of Player Developed Custom Game Modes in ‘Zombies' and ‘ARAMs', paper_258.pdf
Panel: Comics and Games Crossovers, paper_253.pdf
Parasites to Gaming: Learning from GamerGate, paper_47.pdf
Paratextual play: Unlocking the nature of making-of material of games, paper_266.pdf
Paratextuality 2.0: Updating Genette's Framework for Complex Game Systems, paper_119.pdf
Pathfinder, paper_135.pdf
Perceptions, Perspectives and Practices: A Study of the Players of Historical games., paper_31.pdf
Performing meaning through authorial games: lessons learned about meaning, aesthetics and play, paper_505.pdf
Platforms in the Cloud: On the Messy Ephemerality of Platforms, paper_37.pdf
Player Rating Algorithms for Balancing Human Computation Games: Testing the Effect of Bipartiteness,
Players Disempowering the Past: Play as Deconstructionist History, paper_28.pdf
Players, Diverse Bodies and Embodied Interpretation: Issues in Research Design, paper_367.pdf
Playful Animals: An Invitation to Participate, paper_211.pdf
Playful Fabrication: Speculative Game Designs for 3D Printers, paper_339.pdf
Playful Fandom: Gaming, Media and the Ludic Dimensions of Textual Poaching, paper_419.pdf
Playful Loops: Design Concepts for Playable Interactions, paper_65.pdf
Playing Along to What? Enabling Similarity in Video Game Music, paper_228.pdf
Playing at Romance: Women's Games and Global Cultural Flows, paper_283.pdf
Playing Beowulf: Gaming the Library, paper_294.pdf
Playing Popular Science , paper_101.pdf
Playing RPG Maker? Amateur Game Design and Video Gaming, paper_239.pdf
Playing the System: Comparing the Efficacy and Impact of Digital and Non-digital Versions of a Collaborative Strategy Game, paper_433.pdf
Playing versions of "Japan": History, politics and fiction in Japanese video games, paper_281.pdf
Playing With Culture - Serious Games for Global Competence, paper_103.pdf
Playing with Data: Procedural Generation of Adventures from Open Data, paper_78.pdf
Playing With Distinctions - 
Towards a Theory of Playful Systems, paper_369.pdf
Playing with Meaning: Productive Frictions between Gaming and Dancing, paper_162.pdf
Prank, Troll, Gross and Gore: Performance Issues in Esports Live-Streaming, paper_110.pdf
Press Start and Press On -- Navigating Postgraduate Research in Game Studies, paper_151.pdf
Privacy and Security in Crowd-sourcing Projects: Some Issues and Strategies, paper_476.pdf
Production Logics in Digital Games, paper_214.pdf
Progress Wars: Idle Games and the Demarcation of "Real" Games, paper_267.pdf
Queering the Body through Parody in Simulation Games, paper_25.pdf
Rapidly-Exploring Random Tree approach for Geometry Friends, paper_337.pdf
Reading Game Code: Computer game production practices in 1980s Britain, paper_209.pdf
Realism and the everyday in digital games, paper_183.pdf
Religion and Games -- Perspectives on a New Research Field,
Representing Processes. Procedurality in terms of Peirce, paper_238.pdf
Resisting Patches and Errata: Motivations and Tactics, paper_304.pdf
Review of Social Features in Social Network Games, paper_110.pdf
Rewards and Motivations in Game Jams, paper_104.pdf
Roleplaying Boardgames: A Traitor Among Us., paper_30.pdf
Sailing the Endless River of Games: The case for Historical Design Patterns, paper_378.pdf
Sarmatian Gamified: Sarmatism in Contemporary Polish Gaming Culture, paper_356.pdf
Selling out the magic circle: free-to-play games and developer ethics, paper_214.pdf
Selling the Imperium: Changing Organisational Culture and History in EVE Online, paper_69.pdf
Shhh! We're Making Games in the Library and You Can Too, paper_463.pdf
Singularity: Designing a Cooperative Mixed Reality Game for a Co-located Setting, paper_347.pdf
Smash Mods, Smash Creativity: Nintendo, Project M, and Enclosure, paper_190.pdf
Solving Belief-Driven Pathfinding using Monte-Carlo Tree Search, paper_480.pdf
Source Code and Formal Analysis: A Hermeneutic Reading of Passage, paper_212.pdf
Spatial Presence, Psychophysiology, and Game(play) Emotions, paper_292.pdf
Spectrum: Exploring the Effects of Player Experience on Game Desigan, paper_398.pdf
Squeezing and extending the platform: The case of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, paper_300.pdf
Super Mario as a String: Platformer Level Generation Via LSTMs, paper_129.pdf
Surviving Fallout 4: A Design Fiction, paper_311.pdf
Sustainable Life Cycle Game Design: Mixing Games and Reality to Transform Education, paper_450.pdf
TaleBox -- a mobile game for mixed-initiative story creation, paper_482.pdf
The Activity of Play, paper_109.pdf
The Diversity of Attitudes towards Play at the Workplace -- A Case of an Academic Community, paper_302.pdf
The Emancipated Player, paper_205.pdf
The Higher Education Video Game Alliance, paper_369.pdf
The Impact of Co-Located Play on Social Presence and Game Experience in a VR Game, paper_116.pdf
The Inclusive Schoolmaster: Embedding Gender Studies, Critical Race Theory and Issues of Inclusivity and Diversity in Games Curriculum , paper_262.pdf
The Journey to Nature: The Last of Us as Critical Dystopia, paper_246.pdf
The Mechanic Is Not the (Whole) Message: Procedural Rhetoric Meets Framing in Train \& Playing History 2, paper_312.pdf
The Other Caillois -- Games and Culture (SAGE) Summer issue, paper_51.pdf
The Persuasive Roles of Digital Games: The Case of Cancer Games , paper_390.pdf
The Relationships of Co-Creation: Software Modification on Steam, paper_237.pdf
The Tapper Videogame Patent as a Series of Close Readings, paper_443.pdf
This Could Be Us: Networked Intimacy in Single-Player Games, paper_128.pdf
Three Shadowed Dimensions of Feminine Presence in Video Games, paper_321.pdf
Toward Ludic Gerontechnology: a Review of Games for Dementia Care, paper_100.pdf
Towards Diversity: Interventions in Curriculum and Pedagogy of an Introductory Game Design Course, paper_254.pdf
Towards normative validity in the evaluation of game-based learning, paper_153.pdf
Twenty-Five Years of Digital Games Research in Poland, paper_335.pdf
Two Worlds, One Gameplay: A Classification of Visual AR Games, paper_392.pdf
Using Collaborative Digital Games to Foster Intercultural Interaction, paper_397.pdf
Video Games as (Dis)Empowerment Devices: Understanding Agency within the Context of Advanced Liberalism, paper_290.pdf
Video Games in Psychology: A Survey of Psychological Research in Interactive Media, paper_408.pdf
Vivian James -- The politics of GamerGate's Avatar, paper_154.pdf
Walking Simulators: The Digitisation of an Aesthetic Practice, paper_66.pdf
What Does it Mean to be Orlanthi? Hermeneutic Challenge in King of Dragon Pass, paper_41.pdf
What is the 'Game' in Meta-Game, paper_351.pdf
When Lions Speak: Representations of Non-Human Avatars in Digital Games, paper_415.pdf
Where You're Looking, Who You're With and How You Get There: Designing a Virtual Reality Art Game for Inclusion and Emotion, paper_89.pdf
Who Made That Last Game? The Alternative Chronology of the 8-bit Era in Poland, paper_394.pdf
Why Do Players Experience Social Anxiety in a Virtual World?, paper_470.pdf
Why Game Production Studies? Why Now? , paper_329.pdf
World-Class Bullet Hell play with Mark Johnson, paper_20.pdf
You Say Jump, I Say How High? Operationalising the Game Feel of Jumping, paper_248.pdf
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