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#!/bin/sh -x ## or just ` curl -Ls | sh `.
## Downloads the Mac OS X 10.10 Recovery Partition update,
## Copy's over the 10.10 version of Disk, then
## use git to apply a binary patch so it will run on 10.11+.
cd /tmp
rm -rf DU1010
mkdir DU1010
cd DU1010
# See:
curl -ORL
xar -xf RecoveryHDUpdate.pkg
hdiutil attach -nobrowse RecoveryHDMeta.dmg
hdiutil attach -nobrowse "/Volumes/Recovery HD Update/BaseSystem.dmg"
cp -Rp "/Volumes/OS X Base System/Applications/Utilities/Disk" .
hdiutil detach "/Volumes/OS X Base System"
hdiutil detach "/Volumes/Recovery HD Update"
rm * 2>/dev/null
git apply --no-index <<-PATCH
diff --git a/Disk Utility b/Disk Utility
index 20f16f995699699ac5841a455c261a2e45e6a4e5..ce4994ac078a99803ba6b5f3467fae425b5bf643 100755
GIT binary patch
delta 44
delta 44
mv "Disk" "Disk Utility (10.10).app"
open .
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