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Create a Kiwix Hotspot application - 📙 Work Report

Field Details
Student Adeel Zafar
Organization Kiwix
Project Kiwix Hotspot App

💡 Project Description:

🏁 Create a Kiwix Hotspot Application:

Create a Kiwix hotspot application that would be an extension to the kiwix android application. It would allow the users to share their ZIM Files with others over the same network.

🚀 Work Done:

During the community bonding period, I started off with having a look at some sample apps with the wifi hotspot feature. And learnt more about the DNS/Networking part of the project. During phase I, I implemented the wifi hotspot feature within the kiwix-android app. After that I worked on a demo-server to confirm if we can actually host a server on the wifi-hotspot access point. Also, getting the ip address of the wifi access point and delivering it to the user. During the phase II, I added new features to the demo-server and made it capable to host:

  1. HTML Files
  2. HTML page of the ZIM files from within the kiwix-android app.

Also I kept polishing the wifi-hotspot feature in the meantime. During phase III, I implemented the new layout for the wifi-hotspot feature within the kiwix-android app. That includes:

  1. Showing list of ZIM files on device.
  2. Allowing the user to select those files.

After this, I integrated kiwix-serve (i.e. the Kiwix webserver for hosting ZIM files) within our kiwix-android app.

All the work expected for this project has been completed. In the future, the socket address can be translated into a domain name and vice-versa if any such official API is provided in Android's SDK.

🎯 Testing:

I've documented the devices on which kiwix wifi-hotspot feature has been tested on here.

ℹ️ References:

  • Here's a link to my Pull Request that shows my commits.

  • I've also documented the work done by me on weekly basis in this WIKI.

🍩 Final Note:

I've had a great learning experience throughout GSoC. I can proudly say that GSoC has nourished me not just as a better developer but it has also polished me as a person. My mentors and all other organization members played a vital role in making my experience memorable.

Special thanks to Abdul, Siddharth, Kelson, Sean, Issac and Matthieu!

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