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Sentry Validator for Cosmos Blockchain
#how works one Validator and Sentry Node for Cosmos:
#I have one Sentry-Validator-Node, and two Full-nodes-NO-Validator
#For my setup i used 4 Addresses for Full-nodes-NO-Validator i trust. two mines, two for other validator fiend.
#Beware that
#Validator Node only connect to others No-validator nodes of your choice. Trust Full nodes (NO-Validator)
#Full-Nodes-NO-Validator need to have open port in FW 46656 , 46657 for all ip, for can work in the blockchain.
#for build your sentry validator node
#open config.toml in validator node and write te ID + IP +PORT for your No-validator nodes.
persistent_peers = "ID@IP:PORT,ID@IP2:PORT,ID@IP3:PORT,ID@IP4:PORT"
persistent_peers = "fsdgsdhthfdgysfgtykryjkyteje@,saegargrtygdfdgsdtdfjydj@"
#edit too
# Set true to enable the peer-exchange reactor
pex = false
#safe and open your Firewall software from your server in Validator Node.
open TCP 46656 for and for
#safe and restart your FW.
#when your FW is active for sure.
#stop and start your validator node.
#now your validator es sentry. with the amount of trusted No-Validator-Nodes that you have written in persistent_peers.
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