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NPM package for working with
"name": "hello.hugo",
"version": "1.0.0",
"description": "Test project",
"main": "browserSync.js",
"dependencies": {},
"devDependencies": {},
"config": {
"port": "4646",
"theme": "hyde"
"scripts": {
"install": "npm install -g chokidar-cli parallelshell browser-sync less",
"hugo": "hugo server --theme=$npm_package_config_theme --buildDrafts -w -p $npm_package_config_port",
"clean": "rm -rf node_modules",
"dev": "parallelshell 'npm run watch' 'npm run browsers'",
"browsers": "browser-sync --files 'public/**/*' start --server public",
"build": "parallelshell 'npm run build:hugo' 'npm run build:less' 'browser-sync'",
"build:hugo": "hugo --theme=$npm_package_config_theme --buildDrafts",
"build:less": "lessc ./themes/$npm_package_config_theme/static/css/styles.less > ./themes/$npm_package_config_theme/static/css/styles.css",
"watch": "parallelshell 'npm run watch:less' 'npm run watch:files'",
"watch:less": "chokidar '**/*.less' -c 'npm run build:less'",
"watch:files": "chokidar '**/*.css' '**/*.html' '**/*.toml' '**/*.md' -i 'public/**/*' -c 'npm run build:hugo'"
"keywords": [
"author": "Peter Banjo",
"license": "ISC"
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