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Web Intent use case brainstorm

Use Cases

Screen scrape microdata:

  • grab an ical event (send)
  • grab an hcard
  • atom feed
  • make note of an hreview (actually I can't think of what you'd do with an hreview)
  • ? generic grabbing, or we specifically figure out support for particular kinds of data (i.e., specs)

Get personal profile:

  • get multiple pieces of information (phone, address, etc)
  • get avatar
  • get location (work, home, current)

Set personal profile (?):

  • ? need more clarification on what this means. Seems iffy and insecure. Though I can imagine attaching an edit link to profiles, and editing can be done in the original application that the contact or profile originated from.

Get list of friends

Pick a friend (e.g., to send to):

  • ? autocompletion? Search parameters or constraints? (e.g., contact must have email address)

Add a friend (does this need a universal ID for people?)


  • search an app or site itself, with a given query string; return aggregated results?
  • search site with preferred search provider

Backup/export a site

Activity Streams:

  • ? I'm not sure what all these are about:
  • publish to stream
  • read from stream (or just find stream?)
  • save to private list(?)


  • fulfill an invoice of some sort
  • add an "item" to a generic (not site-specific) cart ("item" would need to be well-specified, and attached to payment/invoice)
  • get past purchases
  • save purchase information (e.g., to Mint)


  • save bookmark
  • get bookmarks
  • get bookmark for a URL (i.e., get description/etc metadata) (? I'm a little unclear on the practical use)


  • set a reminder (almost more like a kind of notification?)
  • save event to calendar
  • check for availability


  • save file, or bundle of files
  • pick a file (of a certain type)
  • list files
  • publish file to public location
  • share file
  • publish website (publish files with a specific URL layout, but a provided base URL)


  • add comment about "something" (about the current URL?)
  • query third-party commenting forums if they have comments about the current URL (e.g., is there a Hacker News thread about what I'm reading, and if so where)
  • query something like Yelp about reviews on URLs seen inline (e.g., in a search result)

Microsharing (e.g., gist, pastebin); in-browser Paste To > Gist


  • edit text (textarea replacement)
  • edit code (text/x-python)
  • edit picture

Pick media:

  • get my picture(s)
  • get my movies
  • get my songs
  • get playlist
  • get rating on a song or piece of media
  • identify media
  • get tags/genre on media

View media:

  • show movie (? why view it on an external site)
  • play song (play based on song name or ID, without media in hand? - e.g., published playable playlist without publishing music)


  • get directions
  • view map of a location
  • get weather


  • get flight info
  • get flight pricing
  • buy/pick flight
  • post or save travel plans

Create review of a link or item


Translate language

Subscribe to feed:

  • or subscribe to any kind of update
  • subscribe to new comments


  • synchronous
  • async


  • ? Probably anything WebFinger does, we could attempt? What would that be?

Edit any kind of item or media

View any kind of item or media

Pick any kind of item or media

Intent discovery: ask who implements an intent

Rate this site on a store (the "maybe you'd like to give us 5 stars" dialog)

Encode URL: shorten, QR-code, make trackable

Odd or Confusing Ideas:

  • groups
  • compile
  • deploy
  • delete stuff?
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