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Longest Anime Title
import re
# To be used with anime-titles.dat from AniDB, replace with your own path
# created: Thu Jul 10 02:00:05 2014
# <aid>|<type>|<language>|<title>
# type: 1=primary title (one per anime), 2=synonyms (multiple per anime), 3=shorttitles (multiple per anime), 4=official title (one per language)
def is_ascii(s):
return all(ord(c) < 128 for c in s)
def to_alphanum(s):
return ''.join(ch for ch in s if ch.isalnum())
f = open("C:\Users\Ian\Downloads\\anime-titles.dat\\anime-titles.dat","r")
longest = ""
spaceless = ""
for line in f:
data = line.split("|")
if is_ascii(data[3]):# == "1":
if len(data[3]) > len(longest):
longest = data[3]
if (len( to_alphanum(data[3])) > len(spaceless) ):
spaceless = to_alphanum(data[3])
print "\nlongest with whitespace: \n" + longest
print "\nlongest without whitespace:\n " + spaceless
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