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ianlintner-wf / aliases.drushrc.php
Created February 3, 2014 16:35
SSH Public Key
$options['ssh-options'] = '-o PasswordAuthentication=no -i /home/YOURUSERNAME/.ssh/id_rsa';
ianlintner-wf /
Created March 24, 2014 17:49
Create a ideal vhost for drupal via shell script. Customize for your site / var web directory.
#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "creating $vhost for directory /var/sites/$2"
echo "<VirtualHost *:80>" > $tmpfile
echo " DocumentRoot /var/sites/$2" >> $tmpfile
echo " ServerName $1" >> $tmpfile
echo " RewriteEngine On" >> $tmpfile
echo " RewriteOptions inherit" >> $tmpfile
ianlintner-wf /
Last active August 29, 2015 13:58
Poll the remote git repository using git fetch & then git status && pull from git hub based on the status of the branch.
#Current (Remote) Branch
#Fetch from the remote branch
echo "polling..."
if [ -n "$currentbranch" ]; then
git fetch $currentbranch
ianlintner-wf /
Last active August 29, 2015 13:58
Read all mysql dumps in a directory and restore them to database that matches filename.
#Load all mysql backups in directory
if [ ${#FILES[@]} -gt 0 ]; then
#Loop through files
for f in $FILES
#Alert the user
ianlintner-wf /
Created April 5, 2014 04:08
Takes a production drupal database and runs drush settings for dev
drush vset cache 0
drush vset preprocess_css 0
drush vset preprocess_js 0
sudo drush dl drush --destination='/usr/share'
#Load all mysql backups in directory to mysql
#database is filename
#drop existing database, import database
#clear database script folder
#Takes parameters $1 -u $2 username_value $3 -p $4 password_value (example for $files) -f database/folder/*.mysql
#Set $FILES value to location of your database file or use parameter $5 $6