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Created Dec 3, 2019
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MovieRecommender: BuildTrainModel code
public static ITransformer BuildTrainModel(MLContext mlContext, IDataView trainingDataView)
var catalog = mlContext.Transforms.Conversion;
IEstimator<ITransformer> estimator = catalog.MapValueToKey(outputColumnName: "userIdEncoded", inputColumnName: "userId")
.Append(catalog.MapValueToKey(outputColumnName: "movieIdEncoded", inputColumnName: "movieId"));
var options = new MatrixFactorizationTrainer.Options
MatrixColumnIndexColumnName = "userIdEncoded",
MatrixRowIndexColumnName = "movieIdEncoded",
LabelColumnName = "Label",
NumberOfIterations = 20,
ApproximationRank = 100
var trainerEstimator = estimator.Append(mlContext.Recommendation().Trainers.MatrixFactorization(options));
Console.WriteLine("=============== Training the model ===============");
ITransformer model = trainerEstimator.Fit(trainingDataView);
return model;
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