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_id: ObjectId("513e48c870ab41249d5a2816"),
name: "new york city",
lat: 40.7143528,
lon: -74.0059731,
localizations: {
gr: {
locality: [
"New York",
"New York"
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alternative rock: OK Computer
art pop: Hounds of Love
classical period: Symphony No.9
contemporary r&b: Thriller
downtempo: Moon Safari
dubstep: Untrue
experimental rock: Amnesiac
french house: Discovery
indie rock: Funeral
industrial rock: the Downward Spiral
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numeric-unknown-street_type 2628
unknown-numeric 1212
numeric-unknown 948
street_type-unknown-numeric 833
unknown 733
unknown-street_type-numeric 420
unknown-street_type 362
numeric-street_type-unknown 217
street_type-unknown 153
unknown-numeric-unknown 118
ichrvk /
Created May 23, 2012
Zircon programming language syntax description


String interpolation

apples = '33 tasty apples'
oranges = '6 juicy oranges'
output = "I had $apples and $oranges" # note double quotes