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Standardizing Pagerduty Timezones

Standardizing Pagerduty Timezones

Do you consume the Pagerduty API? Are you annoyed that the timezones they use aren't standard IANA timezone names used by pretty much every timezone library that builds on the Olson TZ database?

Yeah, me too.

I dug around and found a mapping, however it had a few inconsistencies. I've gone down the list and verified each one. Here's a JSON for you. Enjoy!

Diff of the zones I altered is below as well.

"Abu Dhabi": "Asia/Dubai",
"Adelaide": "Australia/Adelaide",
"Alaska": "America/Juneau",
"Almaty": "Asia/Almaty",
"Amsterdam": "Europe/Amsterdam",
"Arizona": "America/Phoenix",
"Astana": "Asia/Thimphu",
"Athens": "Europe/Athens",
"Atlantic Time (Canada)": "America/Halifax",
"Auckland": "Pacific/Auckland",
"Azores": "Atlantic/Azores",
"Baghdad": "Asia/Baghdad",
"Baku": "Asia/Baku",
"Bangkok": "Asia/Bangkok",
"Beijing": "Asia/Shanghai",
"Belgrade": "Europe/Belgrade",
"Berlin": "Europe/Berlin",
"Bern": "CET",
"Bogota": "America/Bogota",
"Brasilia": "America/Sao_Paulo",
"Bratislava": "Europe/Bratislava",
"Brisbane": "Australia/Brisbane",
"Brussels": "Europe/Brussels",
"Bucharest": "Europe/Bucharest",
"Budapest": "Europe/Budapest",
"Buenos Aires": "America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires",
"Cairo": "Africa/Cairo",
"Canberra": "Australia/Canberra",
"Cape Verde Is.": "Atlantic/Cape_Verde",
"Caracas": "America/Caracas",
"Casablanca": "Africa/Casablanca",
"Central America": "America/Guatemala",
"Central Time (US & Canada)": "America/Chicago",
"Chennai": "Asia/Kolkata",
"Chihuahua": "America/Chihuahua",
"Chongqing": "Asia/Chongqing",
"Copenhagen": "Europe/Copenhagen",
"Darwin": "Australia/Darwin",
"Dhaka": "Asia/Dhaka",
"Dublin": "Europe/Dublin",
"Eastern Time (US & Canada)": "America/New_York",
"Edinburgh": "Europe/Dublin",
"Ekaterinburg": "Asia/Yekaterinburg",
"Fiji": "Pacific/Fiji",
"Georgetown": "America/Argentina/San_Juan",
"Greenland": "America/Godthab",
"Guadalajara": "America/Mexico_City",
"Guam": "Pacific/Guam",
"Hanoi": "Asia/Bangkok",
"Harare": "Africa/Harare",
"Hawaii": "Pacific/Honolulu",
"Helsinki": "Europe/Helsinki",
"Hobart": "Australia/Hobart",
"Hong Kong": "Asia/Hong_Kong",
"Indiana (East)": "America/Indiana/Indianapolis",
"International Date Line West": "Pacific/Midway",
"Irkutsk": "Asia/Irkutsk",
"Islamabad": "Asia/Karachi",
"Istanbul": "Europe/Istanbul",
"Jakarta": "Asia/Jakarta",
"Jerusalem": "Asia/Jerusalem",
"Kabul": "Asia/Kabul",
"Kamchatka": "Asia/Kamchatka",
"Karachi": "Asia/Karachi",
"Kathmandu": "Asia/Katmandu",
"Kolkata": "Asia/Kolkata",
"Krasnoyarsk": "Asia/Krasnoyarsk",
"Kuala Lumpur": "Asia/Kuala_Lumpur",
"Kuwait": "Asia/Kuwait",
"Kyev": "Europe/Kiev",
"La Paz": "America/La_Paz",
"Lima": "America/Lima",
"Lisbon": "Europe/Lisbon",
"Ljubljana": "Europe/Ljubljana",
"London": "Europe/London",
"Madrid": "Europe/Madrid",
"Magadan": "Asia/Magadan",
"Marshall Is.": "Pacific/Majuro",
"Mazatlan": "America/Mazatlan",
"Melbourne": "Australia/Melbourne",
"Mexico City": "America/Mexico_City",
"Mid-Atlantic": "Atlantic/South_Georgia",
"Midway Island": "Pacific/Midway",
"Minsk": "Europe/Minsk",
"Monrovia": "Africa/Monrovia",
"Monterrey": "America/Monterrey",
"Moscow": "Europe/Moscow",
"Mountain Time (US & Canada)": "America/Denver",
"Mumbai": "Asia/Kolkata",
"Muscat": "Asia/Muscat",
"Nairobi": "Africa/Nairobi",
"New Caledonia": "Pacific/Noumea",
"New Delhi": "Asia/Kolkata",
"Newfoundland": "America/St_Johns",
"Novosibirsk": "Asia/Novosibirsk",
"Nuku'alofa": "Pacific/Tongatapu",
"Osaka": "Asia/Tokyo",
"Pacific Time (US & Canada)": "America/Los_Angeles",
"Paris": "Europe/Paris",
"Perth": "Australia/Perth",
"Port Moresby": "Pacific/Port_Moresby",
"Prague": "Europe/Prague",
"Pretoria": "Africa/Johannesburg",
"Quito": "America/Lima",
"Rangoon": "Asia/Rangoon",
"Riga": "Europe/Riga",
"Riyadh": "Asia/Riyadh",
"Rome": "Europe/Rome",
"Samoa": "Pacific/Samoa",
"Santiago": "America/Santiago",
"Sapporo": "Asia/Tokyo",
"Sarajevo": "Europe/Sarajevo",
"Saskatchewan": "Canada/Saskatchewan",
"Seoul": "Asia/Seoul",
"Singapore": "Asia/Singapore",
"Skopje": "Europe/Skopje",
"Sofia": "Europe/Sofia",
"Solomon Is.": "Pacific/Guadalcanal",
"Sri Jayawardenepura": "Asia/Colombo",
"St. Petersburg": "Europe/Moscow",
"Stockholm": "Europe/Stockholm",
"Sydney": "Australia/Sydney",
"Taipei": "Asia/Taipei",
"Tallinn": "Europe/Tallinn",
"Tashkent": "Asia/Tashkent",
"Tbilisi": "Asia/Tbilisi",
"Tehran": "Asia/Tehran",
"Tijuana": "America/Tijuana",
"Tokyo": "Asia/Tokyo",
"UTC": "UTC",
"Ulaan Bataar": "Asia/Ulaanbaatar",
"Urumqi": "Asia/Urumqi",
"Vienna": "Europe/Vienna",
"Vilnius": "Europe/Vilnius",
"Vladivostok": "Asia/Vladivostok",
"Volgograd": "Europe/Moscow",
"Warsaw": "Europe/Warsaw",
"Wellington": "Pacific/Auckland",
"West Central Africa": "Africa/Algiers",
"Yakutsk": "Asia/Yakutsk",
"Yerevan": "Asia/Yerevan",
"Zagreb": "Europe/Zagreb"
--- orig.go 2014-02-26 11:39:50.000000000 +0200
+++ edited.go 2014-02-26 11:41:55.000000000 +0200
@@ -4 +4 @@
- "Abu Dhabi": "Asia/Muscat",
+ "Abu Dhabi": "Asia/Dubai",
@@ -10 +10 @@
- "Astana": "Asia/Dhaka",
+ "Astana": "Asia/Thimphu",
@@ -21 +21 @@
- "Bern": "Europe/Berlin",
+ "Bern": "CET",
@@ -31 +31 @@
- "Canberra": "Australia/Melbourne",
+ "Canberra": "Australia/Canberra",
@@ -112 +112 @@
- "Samoa": "Pacific/Pago_Pago",
+ "Samoa": "Pacific/Samoa",
@@ -116 +116 @@
- "Saskatchewan": "America/Regina",
+ "Saskatchewan": "Canada/Saskatchewan",
@@ -121 +121 @@
- "Solomon Is.": "Asia/Magadan",
+ "Solomon Is.": "Pacific/Guadalcanal",
@@ -133 +133 @@
- "UTC": "Etc/UTC",
+ "UTC": "UTC",
@@ -146 +146 @@
\ No newline at end of file
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