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idan / gist:8296699
Last active Jan 2, 2016
PyCon and Passover
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I love PyCon. And until 2016, I can’t go, because the organizers failed to open a calendar before scheduling the conference in conflict with Passover—for two years running.

This is the story of how a large population was casually excluded from an event that [assigns so much value to being inclusive][CoC]. I say “casually” because it has been almost an entire year since the organizers were made aware of their failure, and they haven’t communicated publicly about it once—not to own up to the problem, and not to take steps to prevent it from happening again. Given the swift actions following incidents ([1][pyconincident1], [2][pyconincident2], [donglegate][donglegate]) at PyCon, it’s hard to feel that this failure is being treated with any kind of gravity when it escapes mention for so long, so it’s time to speak up.

Before I dive into the details, I’d like to stress that I have no personal animus with the organizers, and any suggestions of malice or (sigh) “antisemitism” on their part are simply unfou

idan /
Last active Dec 29, 2015

In a long-long-time-ago part of my life, I emerged one day from a bunker underground to discover that there was a roiling windstorm of fine, orange sand. In every direction, city buildings peeked out of the apocalypse orange fog, palm tree leaves stretched horizontally and snapping in the wind. I had spent all day indoors, under 60Hz fluorescent lighting. I stood just outside the vestibule of the building, looking around at the scene. Every fluorescent light, normally white, was intensely blue—my eyes attempting to normalize the unusually orange scene by adding a fuckton of blue to everything, making the cooler lights even bluer.

This was super-trippy to me, and the first time I looked away from a f.lux'ed screen, I was intensely reminded of the experience. And that's pretty much the barrier between me and f.lux. I like the science. But it totally fucks with me.

idan / gist:7399685
Created Nov 10, 2013
Can datavis at GitHub?
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Hi there!

I’m a developer/designer hybrid, a Django core dev (and lead designer for same), and a generally polyglot creative geek. For a while now, I've been fantasizing about storytelling with data at GitHub. My last startup didn't work out, and I'm coming to SF for a week to meet with potential employers.

Here are a few things I’ve done recently:

  • — visualizing GitHub’s polyglot developers. A fun research project, very much a work-in-progress, but already some fascinating stories surfacing there. I gave a talk on the process of doing this at PyCon 2013.
  • — analytics for geo.
  • — Hebrew (apologies), a visualization of Tel Aviv's municipal bike share.
  • — gist-based writing for hackers. Fairly popular little tool.
idan / gist:7356486
Created Nov 7, 2013
Getting hired remotely
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I’m from Tel Aviv, but my heart is in San Francisco. The vicissitudes of life (my wife, her career, our kids) make it unlikely that I’ll relocate to the bay area now, but I’d like a job with one of the companies I love out there. I’m interviewing with them as an explicitly remote candidate.

I’m still in the thick of the process, but given the topic’s popularity lately (and my fortuitous timing with the release of 37Signals’ book on the subject), I’ve got a few practical observations to share about the process.

The book

I bought my copy via iBooks. I wish they also sold a DRM-free version directly à la O’Reilly, but I digress.

I’m only partway through the book. Much of it seems obvious to me as an open-source hacker comfortable with collaboration over the internet, but I can see that it’s a novel message for straitlaced businesses. Jason and David have a particular talent for distilling this brand of wisdom and packaging it in a form that management types can relate to (

View gist:7327850

I’m a developer/designer hybrid, a Django core dev (and lead designer for same), and a generally creative geek. I’m coming to SF to check out potential employers, and Balanced piqued my interest. I like the coding-in-the-open approach, and there are a lot of opportunities for datavis in your data.

Here are a few things I’ve done recently:

For good form, more about me: My CV is at

View gist:7326406

I’m a developer/designer hybrid, a Django core dev (and lead designer for same), and a generally creative geek. I’m looking to join an established team—post seed or Series A. If you’re relatively smaller, I could be your director of design, and make sure your product is functional, beautiful, and a delight to use. If you’re larger, I’m interested in roles involving data visualization—I bring design and dev skills to bear on the task of extracting meaning from data, which makes me a good fit to start or join a datavis team.

I’m based out of Tel Aviv, and planning on staying here. I’ll be visiting SF from the 12th–18th of November, inclusive—give me a shout. More about me:,

idan / gist:7300165
Created Nov 4, 2013
Gun-toting airport security
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Shortly after 9/11, I broke my knee in a sporting accident. It took me six months of recovery before I was able to walk without any assistance or devices.

My first post-9/11 flight home to see my parents was out of Newark airport in mid-December of that year. Distances being deceiving inside an airport, I asked for a wheelchair, because hobbling to the gate on crutches would only make me miss my flight (and inspire a new category of disabled marathon).

Rolling through the various stages of airport security in the prevailing hysteria I counted a small army of obese New Jersey police officers, coated with a light dusting of donut sugar, sprinkled in groups of two and three throughout the terminal, looking inattentive. Sometimes, they were joined by equally-inattentive, younger, slimmer gentlemen in army fatigues toting loaded M-16 assault rifles.

To give a sense of context here, during my military service in the IDF, I was required to stand a watch over settlements in the West Bank every year. Because the

idan /
Last active Dec 26, 2015
Minimum Viable Animation

Even in miniscule doses, animation makes such a difference in how things are perceived.

@jacobian introduced me to the following lovely gif:

An animated gif meme showing Carl Sagan saying “You’re Awesome”

Then @bitprophet, on IRC:

I need to make a version of that which says "no, YOU'RE awesome" ;)

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