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var counties = ["Aberdeenshire", "Anglesey", "Angus", "Argyll", "Ayrshire", "Banffshire",
"Bedfordshire", "Berwickshire", "Breconshire", "Buckinghamshire", "Bute",
"Caernarvonshire", "Caithness", "Cambridgeshire", "Cardiganshire",
"Carmarthenshire", "Cheshire", "Clackmannanshire", "Cornwall and Isles of Scilly",
"Cumbria", "Denbighshire", "Derbyshire", "Devon", "Dorset", "Dumbartonshire",
"Dumfriesshire", "Durham", "East Lothian", "East Sussex", "Essex", "Fife",
"Flintshire", "Glamorgan", "Gloucestershire", "Greater London",
"Greater Manchester", "Hampshire", "Hertfordshire", "Inverness", "Kent",
"Kincardineshire", "Kinross-shire", "Kirkcudbrightshire", "Lanarkshire",
"Lancashire", "Leicestershire", "Lincolnshire", "London", "Merionethshire",
"Merseyside", "Midlothian", "Monmouthshire", "Montgomeryshire", "Moray",
"Nairnshire", "Norfolk", "North Yorkshire", "Northamptonshire", "Northumberland",
"Nottinghamshire", "Orkney", "Oxfordshire", "Peebleshire", "Pembrokeshire",
"Perthshire", "Radnorshire", "Renfrewshire", "Ross & Cromarty", "Roxburghshire",
"Selkirkshire", "Shetland", "Shropshire", "Somerset", "South Yorkshire",
"Staffordshire", "Stirlingshire", "Suffolk", "Surrey", "Sutherland",
"Tyne and Wear", "Warwickshire", "West Lothian", "West Midlands",
"West Sussex", "West Yorkshire", "Wigtownshire", "Wiltshire", "Worcestershire"];
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